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Progressed chart post and more about P Sun inconjunct Saturn

January 2011 was progressed chart month on The progressed chart is the chart of the next minutes, hours and days after birth, valid for the next days, months and years after birth, simply said: according to the principle that what you see in one day (earth moves around the axis) is the ‘prognosis’ of what you see in one year (earth moves around the sun). The transits and the very important circumstances, genes, gender etc. may change the course of events, but generally the progressions offer insight in the to be expected development of one’s character and personality. Here is a list op all 16 posts about progressions on as published in January. I also added a link to the post about Sun inconjunct Saturn, because of the text about progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and because of an addition (another example of this progressed aspect) and  I wish to start  with that.


I mentioned several examples of transits of Saturn with progressed Sun and sportsman Franck Vandenbroucke (1074.11.06) who died in the year after P Sun inconjunct P Saturn. 

And I can add another example of this difficult progression. Someone has been arrested. He is the main subject in the case of the murder of Joanna Yeates (see the Telegraph). In his progressed chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn (see the green dots between Sun and Saturn).
Continue for the list of posts about the progressed chart, progressions, progressed Moon and more that was published this January, the progressed chart month of Astropost.


About the importance of reading the complete progressed chart, with the examples of a successful moment (for Tony Blair) and of a suicide (of Adolf Hitler), related to their progressed charts.

Explanation about the progressed Sun with examples like Assange, Che Guevara and Putin and about the meaning of progressed Sun in aspect with the planets, like:

The progressed Sun-Venus aspects are mostly pleasant, though sometimes when life ends Sun-Venus means ' rest in peace'. More about the Progressed Sun-Venus with examples on
Mr. Tarazin got fired with Progressed Sun square Mars. For women it's sometimes 'another story': Kate Middleton marries Prince Wlliam in the year of progressed Sun trine Mars!
With transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Sun Lance Armstrong experienced the possible negative effect of Jupiter.
Periods ending often start with Sun-Saturn:
In the Astropost ' Statue for the enemy' I mention the effect of a progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus in the chart of a German soldier who died shortly after he rescued two Dutch children during the Second World War. At the time he was a stranger (an official enemy) who wanted to be friends with the locals and who didn't feel at home among his own folks.
With progressed Sun in aspect with Neptune, your illusions will be in the spotlights and so are your secrets. If you have Sun-Neptune in your natal chart, this moment in time might shed a light over the other side of you, the private life or the secret life (an affair, your nick name). More about it here...When Lindsey Lohan was isolated she had progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune (and more, see the post on
A progressed Sun conjunct Pluto marks a period of dramatic changes. It takes some courage to overcome problems. In the end you might be strong enough to start all over again or to come back. Sometimes circumstances force or encourage you to start a new kind of living. Many of the examples mentioned in the article about Sun-Pluto are examples of life in danger or in a challenging period of change. The transit of Pluto on my Sun was intense, but the progressed Sun opposition Pluto and progressed Pluto didn't have that effect. More on Astropost...
When ’50 cents’ lost weight it was with progressed Sun sesquisquare Ceres for ‘frustrated nutrition’. See

3. Changes and progressions:

Life changing moments of success show their light ahead in the progressed chart.

Life changing moments due to accidents are also visible in the progressed chart.

A range of fortunate progressions help you to become a success, like Bill Gates…

4. Specific progressions  (Sun/Moon, progressed Moon, progressed Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pholus and Saturn)

Don’t forget to include the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint in your study!

The aspects of the progressed Moon tell us about memorable events…

The progressed Moon moves fast. What influence does the progressed Moon in the houses have?

Finally: sun sign astrology! Here are some ideas about what to take care of when the progressed Moon changes sign.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the example in the post about Progressed Midheaven sign changing.

Love, Venus and progressions…

In progression Venus and Mercury might change sign. What does it mean?

Progressed Saturn conjunct Saturn…what does it mean?

Progressed Mars, about progressed Mars changing sign and some of the aspects of progressed Mars

Pholus turns the tides…Steve Jobs and more examples…

That is all.
But I might have forgotten to include one or two of the posts!:)

Also visit: There is a post on Astromarkt about progressions. 

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