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Progressions, success and career

Up to now the posts about progressions (hot item here in January) have discussed single aspect combinations and positions. But, there is nothing single about your chart! A chart is like a cake. It is not just the cream, it is not just the chocolate or the sugar and it is not just the oven or the cook. It is the combination of all that. Progression should be seen in the light of the natal chart (and of course of the situation, condition, age, culture and status of the nativity). However, some guys seem to have all the progressive luck. ..A good example of prosperous progression is the chart of one of the richest man in the world: Bill Gates. He had a splendid career. His progressed chart shows the way, his natal chart shows the foundation. And Jupiter/Pluto was a great help on the way. But it was not just all that, of course...

Jupiter and Pluto are the planets of growth and challenges. Together they are the combination of growing potential. Jupiter and Pluto are in his  natal second house of income (a growing potential of earning money). This combination keeps coming back in the progressive chart, whenever there is an important moment or chance to become rich(er) and more successful! When he was 22 the progressed Sun was square Jupiter and Pluto. The MC is on Jupiter and Pluto when he is 35. The potential for success (Jupiter/Pluto) was highlighted when he was young enough to grow and old enough to benefit from the aspects!

Here is more about the Jupiter-Pluto progressions and transits and more…

1.  His parents were lawyer and teacher (both ‘Jupiter’ –academic - professions). At the age of thirteen he began to use a computer. Progressed Mars was opposition progressed Midheaven in that year, so he must have been very ‘driven’ .When he was 17 (with progressed Sun conjunct Saturn – he started a business-, MC conjunct Moon –changing prospects-  and progressed Moon square Jupiter and Pluto – feeling great, a memorable moment of success- he sold his first program!
When you experience a great memorable moment of success when you are young, that will support your self esteem.

2. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975. The transit Jupiter/Pluto midpoint was trine his Natal Sun on that day and Jupiter was almost conjunct the Midheaven of the A-rated chart.

3. The breakthrough of Microsoft was in 1980 (with primairy Pluto and Jupiter on the MC and progressed Moon opposition Jupiter and Pluto at the same time).

4. The company went public on March 13, 1986. That was in the year of transit Pholus opposition natal Sun (a turning point, started by others or influences outside), with Jupiter inconjunct natal IC (a success, but with a lost – in this case the influence of shareholders, for example) and Pluto oppostion progressed Midheaven (a complete change of destiny). Progressed Mercury was trine Progressed Uranus (mind changing times). And Progressed Sun/Moon was conjunct natal and Progressed Pluto in that year: values and value become the main point of interest!

4. When he married (1.1.1994) the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was in the 29th degree of Libra. Progressed Midheaven was in the 15th degree of Taurus. The quindecile MC-Sun/Moon tells us about the strong focus on family life and marriage at that time.

5. 15th of June 2006 Bill Gates announced his withdrawel from Microsoft (to spend more time on his charity foundation) in July 2008. That is when Progressed Sun is sextile Neptune, a perfect symbol, even more because Neptune is the planet for voluntairy work and idealism. And the sextile with Neptune could be read as the ‘way out’ to a withdrawal.

6. His final speech for the company was with transit Jupiter square Midheaven and progressed Midheaven square Pluto (and inconjunct Neptune).

7. Last but not least: When he was 22 the progressed Sun was square Jupiter and Pluto. The MC is on Jupiter and Pluto when he is 35.

Jupiter and Pluto were there when it was important to be there. And they already ‘announced’ financial potential. There were many more indications for wealth in the natal chart.

a.   Element earth is missing (and that makes the material things important at any possible level, somehow and anyhow).
b.  The Sun is in the fifth house and the Moon is in the ninht. The fifth and ninth house are the lucky houses of the 12, because the cusp of these houses are 120d (trine) Ascendant.
c.   Venus in Scorpio square Pluto (money, money, money…)
d.  Jupiter-Pluto is the narrowest aspect.
e.   Midpoint combinations for success are: Jupiter square Sun/Node, Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/MC, Jupiter conjunct Mars/AC and Pluto conjunct Mars/AC, Node in hard aspect with Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto, Midheaven in hard aspect with Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto.
f.    Midpoints indicating success and growth are: Jupiter square Sun/Nodes and 135 degrees from Sun/MC Jupiter and Pluto conjunct Mars/Ascendant and: Node and MC square /opposite Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto

Of course there is more and it is not just about his chart. He had the right profession in the right era and he had the right friends...With whatever chart or progression or transit nothing will happen if you are not ' out there' where 'the action is' . ..

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