Saturday, January 15, 2011

Progressions and Sun/Moon midpoint

Heart and Soul Nebula by Nasa
There are a few posts on Astropost about the midpoint Sun/Moon. It is what it says that it is: the point in the middle of Sun and Moon. You need to know your hour of birth to know the position of the Moon and to be able to calculate the midpoint Sun/Moon. That is why the Sun/Moon midpoint is less popular than sunsigns are, but…the Sun/Moon midpoint happens to inform us about motivations, famili life and  the things that you want with heart and soul. 

January is progressed-chart-month on Astropost and that is why this post is dedicated to the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. That is the midpoint of Sun and Moon in the progressed chart, (Progressed Sun+ Progressed Moon)/2. The aspects with the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint tells us what is your temporary focus and motivation and if there are any events in family life at a certain moment. 

In a progressed chart the positions of Sun and Moon change, of course, as the progressed chart shows positions of 1 day = 1 year later. Sun/Moon also changes with the rest of the chart. When I found out that on my wedding day transit Jupiter was conjunct the progressed midpoint Sun/Moon I was encouraged to find out more about it. Maybe this post is encouraging you to spend some time on Sun/Moon and progressed Sun/Moon! Here are some posts to help you on the way:

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