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Progressions: the progressed Sun - part 1

This January is ‘progressed chart’ month on Astropost. There will be special attention for progressions. If you are not familiar with the term, scroll down for more general info. In short: the progressed chart is a completely new chart, based upon the natal chart, with a new Ascendant, a new Midheaven and  new positions for the Sun, Moon and planets. To calculate the chart you calculate 1 day for 1 year ahead from the day/hour of birth. 

This post is dedicated to the progressed Sun, more particular: the change of the progressed sunsign. When is it, what is it and why and ...examples of the effect of it. Continue for more...

The progressed Sun moves about 1 degree each year. Every sign has 30 degrees. So, after the first change of sign of the progressed sun, there will be a change of sign about every 30 years. For most of us it won’t be more than 3 times. The transits might change this prognosis based upon the progressed chart. But one thing is certain: at a certain age, your progressed sun sign will be changing for the first time. That is when you enter the next period of 30 years, starting with a change in style or 'way of living'.

When the progressed Sunsign changes your style changes, more or less, depending on the situation, the rest of the chart, the transits etc.
When your sun sign changes, lifestyle changes. That is because the sun is the symbol of life and lifestyle. The sign of the sun is the background of the sun and ‘ colours’ it: places the sun in certain mood or part of the year, season etc.. An Aries Sun is a more active and self regulating sun that a Libra Sun is. The Sun is always the Sun, but with a different impact, light, colour or effect  in each sign. The nature of that sign adds more colours to your birth sign. The progressed Sun shows the way of development and change of colours to be expected with the start (birthtime) in mind.

To use the metaphor of the living room for 'way of living': you might change a few pieces or redecorate the walls or have new curtains when you change the style of the room. It doesn’t change your room (same shape, same location), but it changes the way that you use it, feel it, live it. 

When you were born the expectation was that you would grow, develop, change and at least: get older. The expected development in a certain direction is symbolised by the progressed chart, based upon the natal chart (indicating your character, talents and gifts or blockades and challenges). Transits (with natal and progressed chart), your situation/condition/gender/politics and culture have great influence on that development, of course. But there is a certain 'line of development' and that line is indicated by the progressed chart. 

I use the Capricorns as an example. All Capricorns will have a progressed Aquarius and Pisces Sun one day. So, it is in the nature of the sun sign Capricorn. When the sunsign Capricorn was described, this later development was part of the description. Nobody is 'a Capricorn' or any other sunsign. Charts are much more than the sign of the sun. 

The change of the progressed sunsign merely means change of lifestyle as foreseen when you were born. It is not from one day to another. It is a progressing change of style. 
Progressed Suns change ‘ on the way’ . A change of the progressed sunsign is a gradual process.
 In the years before the change of the progressed sunsing you start developing or creating situations of change. In the years after you learn to live with the new situations. 
Remember: the changing sunsign is not the only indication of change and sometimes it is an indication for a subtile change of style only. And you don’t become an Aquarian when you are a Capricorn with the progressed Sun in Aquarius.  You just add something of the style of Aquarius to your Capricorn nature. When you start dressing the modern way after a period of 'classic style' this might reveal something of a mental change, but the old inner YOU don't change, you just changed the way you look.

Just like in the natal chart, you have to see the complete picture. The complete progressed chart shows in what way a person changes/develops. Some people change and develop so much, that the progressed chart seems to show more who they are now, than the natal chart does. An example: President Obama. I wrote about that in 'the progressed chart and how one grows into a position'. There will be more posts about the progressed chart in January.

Life changing events have many astrological faces, but...
When the progressed Sunsign changes your style changes, more or less, depending on the situation, the rest of the chart, the transits etc.

The life changing (progressed sun sign changing) period of Julian Assange was in 1992. When Julian Assange pleaded guilty in 1992, his Sun sign had just changed. In 1991 he had been arrested for hacking, following activities as a student.

On December 31, 1999 Vladimir Putin started to be the President of Russia. That was with the progressed Sun at 1Sag9 and transit Neptune  square Ascendant (just like with the Dutch Queen, who had a Neptune-Ascendant aspect when she became Queen). The period of his sudden rise under Yeltsin was in the years that the progressed Sun sign changed sign.

The progressed chart of Obama shows much more that he is a President than the natal chart does. The progressed Sunsign of President Obama changed in the first year of his presidency (see the post about that and Quaoar here)..
 Two and a half months ago the change was completed and the progressed Sun of Barack Obama was in Libra. 

(BTW I just noticed that his progressed Midheaven is conjunct the partial Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011.) 

One example of a famous person and changing progressed Sun signs: on October 9, 1967 Che Guevara was executed after a disastrous attempt to create a revolution on the mainland of America Latina. His Sun had move to Leo in 1966, when he left Cuba.
In 1997 his body returned to Cuba. That was when his progressed Sun moved to Virgo. Nothing much changed, except the location.

My lifestyle changed completely when my progressed sunsign changed.

For more examples, see:

When Lilly Allen first created a MyPlace account, her sunsing was changing.

When she was abducted, the progressed sunsign of little Amber Nickas changed and so did her lifestyle...

When the abuse started, the progressed sunsign of Elisabeth Fritzl changed, the prelude to a tragic life in a cellar.

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In other words, info about progressed charts on Valkyrie astrology
We all know what a birth chart is (if not, click here: .

A progressed chart is the chart for the xth day after birth, valid for the xth year after birth*).
The idea is that the earth, moving around, ‘shows’  the complete universe in a day, like the movement around the sun shows this in a year time. So: one day equals one year (in a way).  The Sun moves about 1 degree in a year (more in winter, less in summer).

Progressions (see Wikipedia) are found like this: check any ephemeris and calculate 1 day for 1 year. If you were born on March 1 and you are 20 years old, you use the positions of March 21 for the progressed chart. There is a lot of information in the bookstore and on the internet about (secondary) progressions. An easy way to find your progressed chart is to use's free chart service.

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