Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The progressed Sun square Uranus (Dupree is free)


Cornelius Dupree jr. apparently wasn't born on a lucky day. He spent the best 30 years of his life in prison, and thanks to DNA they now know that he was innocent! 

His chart and progressions resonate the themes of Saturn-Uranus and Mars-Pluto, just like the chart of another innocent convict, mentioned in another post. Dupree's release is with progressed Sun square Uranus. Quoting Astromarkt: (Aspects of the progressed Sun: 
' Unexpected change with tension or sensations '.

SATURN-URANUS: The issue of breaking free and restricted freedom
Dupree was born on September 22, 1959. Check his progressions and transits and see, for example, that in July of 2010 (when he was free on parole) the transit Uranus was in the first degree of Aries, square his Saturn. The Saturn-Uranus combination is the combination of limited freedom AND breaking free (the issue of blockade and being free). Many examples on this blog, see the labels...And now progressed Sun is square Uranus, while in the birth chart the Sun is novile Uranus and square Saturn…that is another combination of Saturn and Uranus! Also the resonation of Sun-Uranus (both in the progressed chart and in the birth chart) contributes to the importance of the astrological statement: unexpected change, to be independent and free, enstrangement. 

Recently I wrote about Patrick Dils, who was convicted for the murder of 2 and found innocents years later. The charges are different and so were the circumstances. But there are similarities in the charts. They share the issue of restricted freedom (Saturn+Uranus): Dils has Saturn sesquisquare Uranus and Sun square Uranus. Dupree has Sun square Saturn and novile Uranus.

MARS+PLUTO: the drive to win
Dils and Dupree also share Mars-Pluto combinations: Dils has Mars half semi square Pluto. Dupree has  a prominent Mars and a prominent Pluto. . The prominence of Mars and Pluto (the combiation of having to defend yourself, the drive to win and the use of force)seems to illustrate the charge against him: violent robery/sexual assault (rape) and shows us that the aspects in a chart resonate issues and themes (the things you might have to deal with) and can never be used against a person.


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