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Progressions and life changing accidents

After a serious accident someone's lifestyle often changes, wether he or she was hurt or not. This is about the progressed Sun sign changing during an accident. And when I mean ‘sun sign’ I mean the tropical old fashioned Western sun sign, one of the 12. 
I have written about the progressed sun sign changing and a changing lifestyle before (here is the link: The sun sign resonates a way of living and the transfer to the next sign is not always easy. When accompanied by difficult transits and progressed aspects and when it happens at old age, the life style change might be unwanted. Like when an accident happens. I show these examples to show:
- the importance of the change of the progressed sun sign
- the importance of a number of indications at the time
Continue to see the examples.

I want to show you two examples of life changing accidents: Frida Kahlo and Laura Bush. Both were young (18 and 17) when the accident happened. Both survived. One was crippled for the rest of her life. Both had the progressed Sun sign changing at the time of the accident. And both had a transit of Neptune with Midheaven…You may notice that Frida Kahlo had (at least) 7 important transits/progressions and Laura Bush had (at least) 4. When something important happens, there are always a number of indications, not just one single aspect! More indications, more impact.

Frido Kahlo  was studying medicines when she had a terrible accident that changed her life completely. It happened in September 1925, age 18. Afterwards she stopped her study and more or less forced by circumstances she focused on arts. September 1925 brought nasty changes AND started her walk on the road to  fame. For that moment of vital changes in life we see the following indications:

1. In 1925 her progressed Sun changed sign
That means that her lifestyle changed.

2. In the solar return chart of 1925 Uranus is on the IC and Pluto is conjunct the Sun.
Uranus and Pluto together strongly indicate the unexpected, sudden change and danger.

3. On September 11, transit Uranus is square natal Pluto: that is a confirmative transit of the earlier mentioned under 2.

4. On September 13 transit Neptune is exactly square her Midheaven. That means ‘disappointing perspective, giving up’ and ‘weak condition or status’.

5. Jupiter is activating the Sun-Mars-Neptune constellation. Should I read this as Jupiter helping inactivity or should we see Jupiter as the doctors saving her life?

Recently I wrote about Andy Warhol and the shooting incident that he survived (but with serious and some everlasting injuries: see Jupiter was in aspect with his Mars-Neptune aspect, too.

6. Transit Uranus inconjunct Ascendant (exactly on September 16) is an indication for a possible shock or surgery and sudden unexpected change (like when an accident happens).

7. Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct Uranus in 1925: changing perspective with a lost involved.

The dramatic month is being reflected by the positions in the chart and we can also find the fact that she survived, even though there are two inconjunctions of Uranus. We know that in her natal chart Mars is conjunct Uranus (and that is an indication for a risk of accidents, surgery, etc.). More about the love life of Frida Kahlo on

Laura Bush caused an accident that ended the life of a young man and since then her life was never the same again. The progressions:

1.   progressed Midheaven square transit Neptune (That means ‘disappointing perspective, giving up’ and ‘weak condition or status’.)

2.    the Ascendant opposition Mercury seem to fit in the picture and these aspects are pretty close.

3.    Also watch transit Pholus close to Progressed Midheaven and square natal Ascendant (a crucial turning point).

4.    And see the progressed Sun sign changing: her life style was changing that year!

When the progressed sun sign changes and more than 3 difficult transits and progressions are in the same period,  it is better not to risk accidents at all. But in fact, it is always better to take good care and be cautious...

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