Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Progressed Moon through the houses

The progressed Moon has her own place in the progressed chart, but seems to move through the houses of the natal chart (the chart of birth). The progressed Moon is the position of the Moon on the xth day after birth, valid for the xth year after birth. Nothing moves faster than the progressed Moon. She is the symbol of experiences, events and emotions passing bye. Her aspects and sign and the movement through the chart shows us what we care about now. Here are some ideas about interpreting the progressed Moon in the houses of the birth chart. You can find the position of your progressed Moon on (but you need to know what time you were born!).

Progressed Moon through the first house: growing need to present yourself, emotional coming out
This progressed Moon changes your attitude and often also the way you look. People will tell you how you have changed and find you more attractive. Your emotional coming out might cost you a lot of handkerchiefs...
  Progressed Moon through the second house: material needs.
You have a sudden need to show what you can do in order to earn more money. This is a period of financial change.
Progressed Moon through the third house: need for contact
How you love to get to know knew people and to learn new things (and women!). Time to communicate!
   Progressed Moon through the fourth house: domestic needs
You might turn into a couch potatoe with Moon in the fourth. You have a sudden need to be with family members and you enjoy traditions and family celebrations. You like to gather people and to ‘go back in time’ collecting photos.
Progressed Moon through the fifth house: need for fun
You just need to show off and have fun and get out of that house now. It is up to you if this will remain a pleasure!
Progressed Moon through the 6th house: need to serve?
Time for regular duties and time to think of your diet now. Someone’s got to do it and it will be YOU. After these two years you will have learned to schedule things.
 Progressed Moon through 7th house: you need company!
You need company, you need a partner, but not for long, just for this period of life, for a year or two…Take that in mind and try not to become too dependent of others. You will try to attract others and that makes you attractive (it works both ways).

Should it be coincidence that the progressed Moon of Prince William is in the 7th house now and when he gets married?
 Progressed Moon through the 8th house: needing challenges!
And getting them! This is a period of emotional challenges, perhaps because of emotional events, perhaps because you are confronting others too much now.

Michael Douglas, who successfully finished the battle with cancer lately, has Progressed Moon in the 8th house right now (and more, see the related post...)
Progressed Moon through the 9th house: need to explore!
You want more out of life, so you start to study or travel or you think that you need to have grand children or puppies or anything that grows, expands and develops if it is not you. Also, the intense experiences in the eight house might draw you to religions and convictions.
 Progressed Moon through the 10th house: public needs?
You worked so hard and now you want some kind of a reward or pleasant feedback. For some reason you seem to more popular now. Changes in your career of in the office change, in your status or position are to be expected. Perhaps this is THE period in life to reach out to the public.
Progressed Moon through the 11th house: needing friends
This is the right time to join a group, a club or a party. You just need to belong to a community and are ready for an emotional wake-up call. Can you feel it?
Progressed Moon through the 12th house: needing privacy
No, not now! You have had it and you need to withdraw and step back, dreaming away and hiding yourself and your emotions away. Perhaps you just want to move out of the same as ever group of people? Have a break and be ready for your emotional coming out with Moon in 1.
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