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The complete progressed chart (of Blair, Hitler and Obama)

Progress (we think:)...
January is progressed chart month on Astropost and maybe you noticed that! The latests posts  are mostly about the progressed aspects. But, just like the natal chart, the progressed chart should be studied completely. A chart is not just one sign, one aspect or one position. A body is not just a limp, either. So let’s study the complete progressed chart. What follows: two examples. One is related to a nice event (in the eyes of the owner of the chart, Tony Blair). The other one is about the progressed chart for the date of the suicidal death of Hitler. These examples show us that reading the complete progressed chart helps to see the complete situation.

When Tony Blair became Prime Minister on May 2, 1997 this was his progressed chart (with transits). 

That must have been a glorious day for him. Just like in the progressed chart of Barack Obama his sun sign started changing from that moment on (changing his life style). On May 2, 1997, we see:

Progressed Uranus conjunct progressed Ascendant (changing circumstances, being nervous about it)

A close quintile between P Jupiter and P Pluto (creating successes)

Progressed Jupiter tightly square progressed Midheaven (successful position, progress)

Transit Node semi square progressed Sun/Moon: group motivation

Transit Node sesquisquare progressed Venus: joined joy

In this progressed chart Jupiter and Uranus are important (lucky change, sudden windfall, becoming more of an international gradually, in a changing situation). Mercury is in tight aspect with Saturn and Pluto (that is the combination of the mental strategy – what to say and what not – that is common in the charts of politicians).

BTW Transit Quaoar (important in the chart of Obama, too!!!) was on the Descendant (new perspectives on the horizon, creating new situations). See the progressed chart of Obama for September 2010: 

Apparently the ‘whole new world’ of experiences is mirrored by Quaoar (see the label Quaoar for more info).  I have already mentioned that the complete progressed chart of President Barack Obama reveils a development to become a politician in government (Saturn and Pluto are very important in the progressed chart. Pluto rises before the Sun and Saturn is elevated in the progressed chart). He sort of grew into that position. Some people don’t grow or develop much. Others do. Circumstances, genes, gender (still very important) and character will be of influence and maybe the chart shows (somewhere) if growth and development is important. It’s a combination of opportunity and character. You can see that post here… 

The complete progressed chart of an extreme example like Adolf Hitler shows us how important the progressed chart really is. Here is the progressed chart of Hitler, with transits. We don’t need sun signs to see the situation in progression:

Progressed Sun is almost conjunct progressed Mars and that means a growing tendency to act, do something…but…

Progressed Mars is exactly conjunct progressed Lilith (I read on ( that a closed Lilith-Mars conjunctions denies self-survival-instinct).

Progressed Saturn is semisquare progressed Midheaven (a period ending in a frustrating way)

Progressed midpoint AC/MC sesquisquare Eris (crucial and frustrating discord)

Here you see that there is no peace with the situation (Eris-AC/MC) and depression about the position (Saturn-MC) together with self destructive will to act (Sun-Mars-Lilith). And in that developing situation transit Pholus was inconjunct the progressed Sun for a turning point, shooting yourself (in the foot or in the head, here) with a lost (inconjunct) life (Sun).

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