Monday, January 3, 2011

Schwarzenegger and progressed MC sign changing

An example of a change without transits and progressions with the progressed Sun is the A-rated (not AA!) chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who stops being the Calfifornian Governor on January 3, 2011. His progressed Midheaven is changing sign instead...

The progressed Midheaven is the MC of the progressed chart. The progressed MC shows us in what way your status or condition is changing. When the sign of the progressed Midheaven changes, there is often a change in perspective or status (at home*) or in the career).

Here is his progressed chart:

You can see the reading of his birth chart on Art&Astrology, the blogspot about artists and talent in the chart: 

As from 1984 (when in the progressed chart Saturn and Pluto were conjunct Ascendant) he presented himself as an active Republican, but he had been a Republican since 1968, when he entered the USA and heard Mr.Nixon*) speak, a President with Mars inconjunct Saturn and opposition Pluto, so with the same 'die hard' combination in the chart as Schwarzenegger. And what he said appealed to him...
Mars, Saturn and Pluto are rising before the Sun in the progressed chart. Some people change very much and their progressed chart shows us how. Saturn and Pluto are the 'die hards' and they are very often prominent in the charts of managing politicians, like governors and presidents (see the chart of Obama).
Let me show you the progressed aspects and transits:

  • Progressed Saturn inconjunct natal descendant and 
  • Transit Saturn almost at the lowest point in the chart (square Ascendant) is rather depressing...
  • Progressed Jupiter opposition Node raises the question of support of the party/group/people
  •  Progressed Midheaven changing a career changing...
  • Transit Pluto is almost inconjunct the natal Sun (for losing self esteem and influence) 
  • Transit Mars opposition Ascendant and square natal Sun/Moon might point at being hurt.

The combination of Mars and Saturn with Ascendant/Descendant shows a death end horizon.

Of course the lost elections triggered the change and we should look at the transits and progressions of November 4, 2010, too. Progressed Mercury had just been inconjunct Midheaven. Inconjunctions refer to losts. But Jupiter had just been conjunct Midheaven, because he won the race (and Megan Fox lost). 

When Larry King's Progressed Midheaven changed sign in 1985, he started his career on television. 


*) Your status at home might change when you become a parent, or an 'orphan', for example. The MC is about 'ranking'.


(President Obama's progressed Midheaven is conjunct the partial Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011. That is also a sign of changing perspective.)

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