Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chart of the Alcoholics Anonymous AA

With Xmas time a lot of alcoholic consumptions are being used, so maybe it is time to have a quick look at the chart of the Alcoholics Anonymous, the AA (gratitude to one of my readers who names Joyce Hoen ‘ Medische astrologie’ as the source for the chart). At least, that is what I thought. I started searching Google and found a few interesting sites with questions about the effectiveness of the AA-therapy. (Links included below!)
Here above is the chart! The chart seems to reflect the purpose of the organisation.

In what way does this chart show that the new founded club fights the abuse and addiction of alcohol? See how the most prominent placement are reflecting the significance of the AA: Uranus rising before the Sun and Pallas close to the Descendant, Moon on top. It is a statement for changing (Uranus) habitual (Moon) patterns (Pallas) with others (Descendant)!
Communications is a great part of it. Mercury – symbol of communications - is the sole dispositor, and the final dispositor of MC! Mercury is conjunct Chiron (therapy talk) square Saturn and Neptune (a mental illness or weakness, or discussing it). Maybe Saturn opposition Neptune should be read as follows: ending (Saturn) addiction (Neptune).
A crucial element of this chart is the support (Jupiter ruler 1 = AC/MC) and discretion (Neptune/Pluto is square Jupiter and AC/MC).

And so it is still today…? Has the therapy been updated following new studies? I hope so for the estimated 2 million members all over the world...

I was just reading the chart and I am not an expert on therapies or alcoholism so please follow the links for more about the effectiveness of the AA therapy:

1.What is good about AA? See Orange Papers
2.And what is wrong with AA?: http://www.orange-papers.org/orange-not_good.html
3.Wikipedia about the effectiveness of the AA

PS Now that I am doing this chart, and the chart is ‘ in the news’ transit Uranus – planet of the news - is opposition the Midheaven of the AA. Also transit Pluto is inconjunct the progressed Sun of the AA. The organisation has just been compared with others and their therapies, I recall.

PPS Thinking of scientific results...Mercury square Saturn is very tight. For more about Mercury-Saturn, see:
Chart of scientist Rachel Carson

Thinking about Mercury and Saturn (scientist with Mercury-Saturn

Mercury and lies

Mercury at work (on my site Astromarkt).


Astromarkt said...

There were 2 comments on this article, posted on Astrodispatch and coming from Tom Fox who wrote this:

- sheesh mercury in gemini, black moon lillith conjunct neppy in the 9th, just the moon in virgo fits all so well with AA …. impressive article, thanks
tom fox
wonder what the other programs chart looks like , the group for drugs not booze is like?

-chiron conjunct mercury in gemini seems to fit so well with AA ,yet Moon in virgo , black moon lilith conjunct neptune in the 9th was it ,,, sheesh each placement is packed with ovious exactitude.
12/23/09 at 12:38 am (reply)


Astromarkt said...

Here is another comment, from Pam with links (copy and paste) to her video about the chart:

Enjoyed your post re: AA.
I agree that Mercury square Saturn in very vital. I thought that the very close sextile aspect between Venus and Uranus also shows a lot - it is really a self help group focused on using one on one relationships to evoke change in a persons life.

Made a little video thought you might like to see.

Alcoholics Anonymous astrology video


Also posted some stills from the video, focusing on the aspects, on my website


Thanks again, look forward to reading more from you.