Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chart of Barack Obama and transit Mars

Mars used to be the Roman God of War and in astrology Mars is a symbol that means war, fights, soldiers, fire, arms, metal and struggling. In the chart drawing above you can see how the planet Mars has reached the 18th degree of Leo, with the President's Descendant only 23 minutes away. In other words: he has transit Mars opposition Ascendant. Isn't that perfectly reflecting today's issue: sending more troops to Afghanistan (being supported by the military) and at the same time being targeted by opponents for this decision?

Your Mars is prominent when Mars rises before the Sun. Explanation: that is when Mars is the first planet that you meet when you move your finger clockwise starting from the Sun (and skipping Mercury and Venus). You might have a special drive and energy with Mars in that position! More about that in the post about Mars oriental...

Mars and Saturn are of importance int the charts of heroic soldiers...In the chart of Obama Mars is trine Sarurn, too (but not tighly).

There are many examples on this blog of activists, soldiers and fighters with a prominent Mars (most of them have Mars rising before the Sun came up on their day of birth). Mars is important for the military. Find the examples by choosing Mars (see the labels). For all the posts about the natal chart of Obama, just click the label below this post on Astropost.


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