Friday, December 11, 2009

Chart of Rachel Carson (Mercury-Saturn)

There is Climate Conference in Copenhagen going on. Time to get back into time: the sixties. That is when a environmental issue is hot stuff. American marine biologist Rachel Carson writes 'Silent Spring' and 50 years later Wikipedia writes two things. In English her prophecies about the dangers of pesticides came true. In Dutch her ideas about those dangers are referred to as 'Rachel Carson syndrome'. This means that there is at least a controversy:)
Her chart is on Astrodatabank.

Rachel Carson has, just like many scientist, an aspect between Mercury and Saturn, in her case a quintile for creative conservative thinking (following the standing theories). The quintile enabled her to develop new theories. Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant, a prominent placement! Rachel Carson's book was a doom theory. She wrote 'Silent Spring', referring to a spring without birds. It was probably the first book ever written about the environment and the dangers coming from human beings. And it attributed to the end of using DDT.

Although she certainly was a woman with a passion (Venus nor Mars are making aspects), she never got married. She was totally devoted to her job (Sun/Moon square Mars: being motivated by working). I'll be back soon with more about Sun/Moon midpoint and motivations...

1. Al Gore has Mercury inconjunct Saturn, which seems to me a lesser fortunate combination than the creative quintile. That is because the inconjunction includes losts and losing balance. Mercury inconjunct Saturn also requires 'to eat the elephant in small pieces' in order not to lose control.


3. Mercury and lies...


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