Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charles Dickens positive Jupiter and Moon in Sag

On the way to Xmas and the Winter Solstice I like to pay attention to related charts. One of the authors who contribute most to Xmas atmosphere is Charles Dickens, a great talent who managed to end books in a positive way, always. Why? Jupiter is on top and doesn't make major aspects in sign or 5d orb. That makes Jupiter a prominent planet in the chart and Jupiter is sort of the symbol of Santa Claus himself. Also the Moon is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius. That is a statemtent for always wanting to see the bright sides of life:)...or pretending to do so:) LOL
Yet, with Saturn rising before his Sun he had an eye for poverty, too. And for status. Somehow his characters are always saved because they were of noble birth! There have to be social differences, of course, certainly in that age. There is an other side of Dickens, that I wrote about on Astrology & Love and that is about his relationship with women... He lived in one house with his sister in law when his wife left him and he had a mistress, too. But he had to keep things 'decent', not just because of the oriental Saturn, but also because of the time in history...

The artistic talent is obvious. Charles Dickens's Venus in Pisces on the Descendant is related to the Moon, Neptune and Midheaven. With the Midheaven in Gemini and Jupiter on top, 'calling' (= not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) the publishing and writing becomes part of the pattern. Another interesting observation is that the Sun is right in the middle of Mercury and Venus (Sun = Mercury/Venus) and that means that he was a communication talent. The prominent placements of Jupiter and Pluto make us aware of great success. A success that is being repeated each December, the month of his Sagittarian Moon and the signs ruled by Jupiter and Saturn.


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