Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prince William's Ceres

Ceres is prominent in the chart of the famous chef cooks whose charts I studied in an earlier post about the Astrological Recipe for Famous Chef Cooks. When Ceres doesn't make major aspects (like conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines or oppositions) in sign within an orb of 5 degrees, I consider Ceres to be 'calling'. That means that the principle of Ceres can be expressed at any level, anyhow, somehow. It makes Ceres prominent.
There are about 40 posts about Ceres on my blog. Ceres is an important female icon and the symbol of roots, genes, seeds, agriculture and nutrition. Perhaps that is why Ceres has a special place in the charts of important cooks. A prominent Ceres ('calling' or angular) doesn't mean that you should be a cook. Stats and astrology don't work the other way around and each chart should be read in the light of the social and economic position of the individual and of course: in the light of the rest of the chart. Prince William has a very special social-economic position to take into consideration!

In the chart of Prince William Sun,Jupiter and Neptune are angular, positions for a famous idol. Ceres is also prominent. Well, he is the eldest son and heir (roots, genes!). Ceres is also the symbol of motherly love (see this post...) and we all know how much Diana loved her children. There are other ways for the symbol Ceres to be 'lived', but actually...

Prince William told the press that he doesn't know how to make a meal at all. (Yet, I think. Maybe one day he will just love it. Who can resist the 'call' of Ceres?:) Ceres is semi square his Ascendant and if Bob Mark's explanation of Ceres in the Tenth house is right, he will always BE nurtured or be attracted to careers connected with food or clothing. Or in the case of a prince, to a career that suits his roots and genes.


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