Monday, December 28, 2009

Cars and sun signs

A big English credit company in the West-Midlands, specialised in financing cars did a study in 1999, now almost eleven years ago, among 5000 consumers. They found that:

- Libra loves to spend money on expansive cars with lots of luxury
- Sagittarius follows into Libra's footsteps! They are fond of expansive cars, too.
- The male Cancer however spends most: he prefers Porches and Rolls Royces
- Capricorns are very economic, just like male Aries. They are not big spenders when it comes to cars.
- Scorpios stick to their car brand.
- Female Virgo enjoys second hand Rolls Royces (how, since there are so few of them, isn't it?)
- Aquarius wants the latest models. (Would we have expected otherwise?)

How about you? I found out that the Moon in sign also contributes to the 'pattern'. I know of a Moon in Cancer driving a Porsche and giga Mercedes. And I know a Sun Libra who buys all the gadgets!

The info was published in De Telegraaf of Wednesday January 13, 1999, so says The name of the company involved wasn't mentioned. And I don't know if the company attracted more Virgo's than Pisces, for example. Models, cars and preferences changed in those 11 years. Maybe sun signs too!:)


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Anonymous said...

Hmm.. no word on Taurus?

I'm a Taurus. In 1986, the first year of it's introduction, I bought a Ford Taurus. It was the first new car I ever bought. Worst car I ever had, it was a total lemon. It bankrupted me.