Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chart day of birth Urban Meyer

Sometimes even without an hour of birth, there is a clear picture of a given situation.

Florida American football coach Urban Meyer has re-evaluated his priorities after worries about his health. He won't step back completely, but he takes a (long) leave instead, it seems.
Here is his chart. Transit Saturn is now inconjunct his natal Saturn, perfectly reflecting disbalance and worries. The inconjunction is often involved when there is a problem with health. Transit Saturn is also 75 degrees from natal Sun (and in the natal chart transit Saturn is sesquisquare Sun). That makes the effect of the transit stronger. And that is not all. Transit Pluto is quindecile (165d) his natal Sun, adding stress and a focus (quindecile) on health(Sun)problems(Pluto).

Good time for a time out, also because the transit of Saturn is not over yet and will be back in 2010. First he wanted to step back, now it seems that he is reconsidering it and will just be taking a leave. The present retrograding Mercury makes us all think twice...
The time of birth is unknown. But one thing is sure: Mars is the first outer planet rising before his Sun and that is perfect for competition!


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