Sunday, December 6, 2009

The chart of Matt Damon, the cool decent guy

A short (and easy) one this time. Short, because Matt Damon himself told the press that little is written about him. That is because he is dull, unlike his fellow movie stars, he said. And why is he different? He married a 'common' woman (not a model, not a star) and is happy with her. Can we see that in the chart? Yes we can.

He has Uranus rising before the Sun and though they are close together there is more than 5 degrees orb. So Sun and Uranus are prominent. Sun-Uranus connections refer to being an 'outsider', a rebel, different from the rest, not a member of the 'old boys network'. Sun rules the 7th house of marriage and partner, Uranus rules the first. So the extraordinary relationship draws attention at any possible level.The 'calling' Sun makes him a star, the 'calling' Uranus makes him different and perhaps that is what drew attention. With Neptune conjunct Midheaven the career is linked to media, fantasy, the world of the immaterial and unreal, yes...the movies: romance and ideals. And Juno (the symbol of the married woman) is opposition Midheaven (she is not part of the jet set).

Why is he 'dull'? The Sun is biquintile Saturn, so that he manages to be in control and in charge in a creative way. The Moon is in Capricorn in the 12th house (he has a need for privacy and respect) and is trine Saturn (for controling impulses and for regularity). But owe! Venus is opposition Saturn (and that is making it hard sometimes). Luckily Mars in Virgo is the bridge. Matt Damon is a decent (Virgo) guy (Mars). What he says matches with his chart.

Still, he is attractive. Male attraction often goes along with Capricorn and Saturn. Women just love those cool guys. See more about why some men are more attractive, on this blog.... The recipe seems to include Libra (and Taurus). Matt Damon is a Libra.


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