Friday, December 11, 2009

Chart of Willie Brandt, Saturn, Pluto and the museum

As I said before today, Saturn-Pluto CAN have a positive effect. That is when you are gaining respect and that is another boomerang effect...
Willie Brandt (mayor of Berlin) has died long ago, but now they name a museum after him. Look at the transits!

Transit Saturn has been square Midheaven (and will be back)
Transit Pluto will soon be conjunct Midheaven
Transit Pluto will also soon be square progressed Sun
Transit Saturn recently was opposition progressed Sun (and will be back)

This is completed by Progressed Sun square Midheaven (and that is like a spotlight over your career and status).

Here is the chart of Willie Brandt. His Pluto (symbol of politics) doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and is opposition Midheaven. That makes the symbol of the politician a prominent one in this natal chart.


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