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Chart of Lynette Fromme and the question 'why'

Lynette Fromme, the 'girl who almost killed President Ford', the woman who was a member of the Charles Manson family, is scheduled for parole after almost 34 years in prison. This is her natal chart with progressions and transits.
There are a few astrological explanations for the kind of life of Lynette Fromme:
1. Elevated Uranus semi square Pluto,
2. the number of sextiles,
3. Jupiter quintile the angular Neptune square Midheaven and
4. the tough tightest major aspect: Mars square Saturn.

These observations tell us about (1) radical changes and arrests, (2) the choice for the most easy or lazy way, (3) the fan and follower,(3) crucial importance of addiction and (4) the difficulties to restrict anger.

Neptune holds the most important position in the chart of Lynette Fromme (on the Ascendant, rising before the Sun and square Midheaven). The negative side of the symbol of Neptune is addiction and drugs. This colors the chart of Fromme and this was of major influence in her life and related to Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the angles of the chart! (Neptune is 15 degrees from the Sun, 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) from the Sun, septile Mars and quintile Jupiter. Neptune is conjunct Ascendant and square Midheaven.)

When people meet and share a complicated aspect (in life or chart) they join forces and/or weaknesses. Lynette Fromme's radical Uranus-Pluto combination is corresponding with the important Uranus-Pluto combinations in the chart of the man that she adores: Charles Manson (click on his name for more about Manson and his followers on this blog or go to Astromarkt for a reading and drawing of his chart.
His Uranus is opposition her Sun. Charles Manson has Uranus square Pluto (she has the semi square): they shared a 'generational aspect' of the revolutionary and radical kind. He is a Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) with Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). With his Uranus semi square and Pluto sesquisquare AC/MC he is all in all the revolutionary man who will change her life. Also his important Jupiter on the Descendant is conjunct her Sun/Moon. He met her when she was depressed and helped her when she was homeless. Later she kept supporting Manson (see link to YouTube below). Jupiter is the symbol of support.

The present transits of Pluto with Sun and Uranus is triggering the existing natal combination of Sun, Uranus and Pluto now that she might go back home (wherever that may be). The transit bring the attempt to murder Gerard Ford in mind. In those days there was a transit of Uranus...

On September 5, 1975 she tried to kill President Ford during the transit of Uranus and Saturn. Those who come on this blog more often will immediately see the combination of restricted freedom (Saturn+Uranus). It was the end of freedom. The transit mirrored the existing combination of aspects with the Sun in her natal chart.
- Transit Uranus was trine progressed Uranus on that day,
- Transit Uranus was conjunct her natal Sun (with 50m orb; Sun trine Uranus in the natal chart - out of sign-) and
- Transit Saturn was square her natal Sun (14m orb; Sun sextile Saturn - out of sign- in the natal chart).

The solar return chart of her birthday of 1974 shows Mars exactly conjunct Midheaven and conjunct Uranus. Mars-Uranus: quite a symbol for an assassination attempt. Transit Uranus was conjunct her Sun in 1975 and that is again reflecting sudden change (with possible controversy and rebellion).

The number of sextiles in her chart (there are 5) tells me that she may have been an activist and full of aggression, but that she also tended to go for the easy way. She was a drop out, an alcoholic and drugs addict and larger parts of her life have been spent in jail, inactive in society and unable to improve her position in society or to make her own choices.
Sextiles don't make it easy to be ambitious or independent. Sextiles represent the 'easy way out' and sometimes in certain situations that way seems to be criminal (in the eyes of the nativity). Click to see another example of the possible effect of the sextile.

Fromme chose to be a devoted follower. Her angular Neptune is quintile Jupiter. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the devoted follower. Neptune is square Midheaven to illustrate the negative effect of addiction and devotion for her position in society. Neptune colored her chart and life. When she started using drugs and alcohol the progressed Sun was semi sextile Neptune. The solar return chart valid for the year 1967 (when she met Charles Manson) had Neptune and Mercury on Midheaven and Jupiter was on the Descendant. That is when her devotion to Manson started. She had run away from home in 1963 with progressed Sun semi sextile Neptune.

There are more very tight aspects. Mars square Saturn is the tightest hard aspect
This aspect symbolizes serious hurt/pain and death or separation from a man as an issue; Mars rules the 7th house op partnership. Mars square Saturn teaches the nativity how bad it is to be aggressive, the hard way if necessary. It is difficult to control anger with Mars square Saturn... "There comes a point where the only way you can make a statement is to pick up a gun." That is what she stated after her attempt to kill the President.

See the (dated) interview with Lynette Fromme, defending Charles Manson's innocence...on YouTube. She looks nice (Venus, symbol of beauty and charm, is half semi square Sun/Moon and AC/MC).


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