Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scandalls and transit Neptune...

Scandalls come and go and so do the transits of Neptune. Transit Neptune is square the natal Sun of a Swedish member of the government, now that he had to quit after revelations about his visit to a not very discrete prostitute. With Neptune you are often seen in a negative light. Sven Otto Littorin experienced this...

Progressed Venus in the 9th of Gemini is 105 degrees Pholus 15 degrees Mars. Mars is square Pholus in the natal chart, indicating a turning point and with this combination: regarding passions. Meanwhile transit Pholus is 105 degrees from Saturn, symbolizing shooting your own foot related to a career.

One might wonder why he had to quit. It is because there is a law since 1999 that prohibits payed sex. In Sweden.


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