Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain's national chart and the championship

Of course you know that Spain won the WC2010 in South Africa! Enhorabuena! The Spanish team is now  the champion in the world of football!

Isn't such an event a perfect moment to find the true national astrology chart? I thought it was. So, I had a look at the national charts of Spain (there exist more than 1) to see which one is corresponding with the present Spanish victory and joy. I based my choice on the fact that there is a strong indication for success in the transits and progression for this chart of Spain (minor transits of Pluto and Jupiter with progressed Mars )  in the one of 1975 (inauguration of King Juan Carlos). 
See the chart and the other aspects in this post. For more examples and explanation, see the links and labels...

Here is list of the mentioned indications and more:

-       transit Pluto is quindecile progressed Mars (for an obsessive drive to win)
-       transit Jupiter is sextile Ascendant and 75 degrees from progressed Mars
-   transit Jupiter is sextile progressed Ceres
Jupiter+Pluto + Mars and Ceres is a combination for a successful competition and harvest:)

-       Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Pholus (a moment for a -somewhat frustrating- turning point)
-       Transit Node opposition natal Moon for the joined emotions of others
-       Progressed Pluto exactly square natal Moon, intensifying and challenging emotions
Pluto, Node and Moon together with Pholus mirror the group sensations related to football.

Transit Uranus square natal Mars (for incidents, accidents and upheavel maybe related to the demonstration for independence in Catalunya but perhaps this aspect also illustrates the tension in the competition…) According to Cafe Astrology (see Recommended, above) this transit " emerges passions and anger you didn't even know you had...." And maybe in a passionate sport like football, this energizes and fuels the drive to make a change.

If this national chart had been the chart of an individual person, thiswould have illustrated a chance of success in an emotional and tense competition that would have it's effect on others in your family or community. It is the combination of all transits and progressions that colours the picture...That, and your genes, situation and circumstances. Because if you had this chart and you weren't playing top level football in Africa, you wouldn't win the cup!:)

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