Thursday, February 10, 2011

The chart of April 13, 2036 (Apophis)

The Apocalyps seems to be coming in the shape of Apophis, an asteroid that will hit the earth on April 13, 2036 as Russian scientists calculated. The impact might create a desert (size = France) or not (when the asteroid is broken into pieces in the atmosphere).  But they hope to make a ship collide with the asteroid so that Apophis changes course, anyway. 
This is the chart of the day that Apophis might hit us for a random 13:13 hours (and the 'transits' are for the day of the Tunguska Event when a meteoroid hit Siberia).  It is not a very special chart, but Pholus is conjunct Quaoar and that is the combination of creative turning points. Let us hope that the point turns away from earth! 

The chart is not 'scary' but charts of disasters caused by nature are rarely scary. See the story about Laki and Krakatau...

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