Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahmadinejad and transit Jupiter-Uranus inconjunct Pluto

Today I reed that the liberal democratic Green Movement (Green for hope) is protesting in Iran, following the events in Egypt. See Astropost: Chart of Ahmadinejad (Mars quindecile Pluto) of February 2010 and go to 'Dramatic change' (about January 2011). Quoted in short: right now the chart of Ahmadinejad has a lot of indications for important events with changes and possible lost of authority involved.

The linked post is about these indications.
1. transit Jupiter square the progressed Sun of the Iranian leader
2. transit Uranus square the progressed Sun
3. transit Uranus inconjunct his Pluto
4. transit Jupiter inconjunct his Pluto
5. progressed Sun changed sign
And there is more: transit Saturn will be inconjunct his natal Mars twice this year ('death end').

Let us hope with the Green Movement that if there is change, it will be a change for the benefit of the people. But with the progressed Sun trine Pluto there is a strong will to win and 'survive' on the side of Ahmadinejad...And in Iran it is very dangerous to be a member of the opposition and ask for real democracy.
Charts must be seen in the light of the situation and conditions. I am not a politician. I just show you the main transits and progressions in the chart of the leader of Iran today and they are food for political astrologers. They point at (positive) changes but with unbalanced power in a changing 'way of life'. Usually the leader's chart is an indication for what happens to the people, but it could just tell us how his individual position is right now, too. The whole concept is double hearted (Jupiter-Uranus, inconjunctions and Uranus-Pluto) and the chart doesn't have an hour of birth. In general the revolutionary movements in neighbour countries must have impact on his position. But will he step back, like the leader of Egypt and start a new life in another country? Will there be enough support for the brave members of the Green Movement?  
What do you think about these transits? Do they mean relief with a certain loss of self esteem (later regained) or do they point at a positive change in life style with a certain loss of power and authority?
The chart doesn't give the answer. The transits and progressions just show us that it will be a year of transformations and the three inconjunctions point at lost balance.

Note: the chart drawing in the linked post has the progressions and transits of 2010. Today's transits are on the left side of this blog. The progressed Sun progressed one degree, to zero Capricorn.

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