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Transits of Pluto with the Sun

Statue of Pluto, in the sunlight
Transit of Pluto are never easy. Pluto is the equivalent of 'difficulty' and 'challenge'. With transit Pluto in aspect with the Sun something in your life might even be destroyed and then you must make a fresh new start. Maybe you need therapy or surgery. Maybe you need to 'come back' for the money. It is time to evaluate your life and lifestyle and unfortunately: you must.
Perhaps  physical challenges, or a problem with an authority or (political or envious) enemies force you to be strong and brave. In all those situations stress is with you, all along the period of the transit, but in the end you know that you ‘ master’ yourself.  Even if you have to start all over again...even if you must do this or that and even if you have to stay up all night. With transit Pluto you live the intense way, as if it could be your last moment on earth. That is the effect of stress...Of course, the stress will be felt harder when your natal chart has Sun-Pluto aspects and/or when you are a politican, an authority, in danger or with enemies. The effect of the transit of Pluto is strongly related to the position in the natal chart and to the general conditions in the country or company. And the transits of Pluto must also be seen in the light of the other transits and progressions (like all transits).
Transits of Pluto aren't one day flies. Pluto is often 'retrograding' (appearing to move backwards) and that is why the transit of Pluto happens more than once in a period of about two years. In that period you learn to deal with Pluto.
Pluto's transits and progressions often show up when an artist has a 'come back', most of the time because there is a financial problem. Pluto often makes it a problem to continue in the way you did before. Something changed and you must try to 'survive' (sometimes literally). Financial or health problems might force you to 'come back' or 'start all over again'.  Sometimes the 'come back' refers to old problems coming back, unfortunately. Like with Dutch Prince Bernhard jr. who had to have surgery twice because the same physical problem reappeared with transit Pluto conjunct the Sun.
You don't just die with transit Pluto; you are strong! Even if you have to start all over again...even if you must do this or that and even if you have to stay up all night...
Here are 7 examples of transits of Pluto with the natal or progressed Sun. Use the links to see what else was in the chart.
For example:
1. Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen (age 13, P Sun with transit Pluto when he became a grandmaster).
2. The king of Bhutan in the first year of his reign with transit Pluto square progressed Sun
3. Oprah now that she stops with her shows and a half sister appears with transit Pluto square progressed Sun:
4. Michael Douglas ‘coming back’ at the end of a period of therapy against cancer with transit Pluto square Sun and conjunct Moon (and with his son in prison too)
5. Transit Pluto square the natal Sun conjunct Pluto in the chart of Gwynneth Paltrow when she had problems with an overly fanatic diet.
6. Transit Pluto square natal Sun when Sophia Loren’s husband died.
7. We see Donald Trump as a successful rich man, but he had his problems. I quote myself:
It is November 2, 1992, the day that he couldn't pay his debts in the middle of a period of financial problems. Transit Pholus was conjunct his Ascendant (turning point in a situation), transit Pluto was inconjunct his Sun (challenge with a lost) and inconjunct progressed Midheaven (lost position due to problems). Later there was progressed Sun conjunct Pluto, expressing the strong will to come back and intensifying life.
Pluto is the dwarf planet with giant effects sometimes. The Sun has the starring role in our part of the galaxy and is the symbol of life and vitality. Pluto is the symbol of 'life and death', the reflection of evaluations. You might also see the transit of Pluto as 'Pluto in the spotlights'.
With Sun-Pluto connections evaluations and revaluations will take place and it will be about your life style. 
During the transit of Pluto with your Sun, your idea about the value of (your) life might transform. And you might see your problems and values in a new light.
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Anonymous said...

I commented on your last Pluto post, but I also have Pluto square my natal Sun (3-4 degree orb). So far it has only affected my sleep patterns occasionally (some nights I wake up and cannot get back to sleep for hours which is VERY rare for me).

With Pluto conjunct my natal Mars and square my Sun, I am emotionally prepared for a deep transformation.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks Onehorsefarms for mentioning your experiences!