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Sun-Neptune, Bernhard Frank and Mark Gould

The very very old Bernhard Frank has been ' exposed' by Mark Gould, member of a Jewish family that suffered under the Nazi regime. Gould interviewed Frank, pretending to be a Neo-Nazi, and he managed to get vital information about Frank's role in the holocaust. Gould says that Frank signed the first ever order to kill Jews (that it was his idea). In the video I hear Frank say that he signed a confirmation of an order by Himmler, however? It is very unclear and you know what is the symbol of mystery and of the media? It is Neptune! Sun-Neptune in the progressed and natal chart accompany this story. With the progressed Sun in aspect with Neptune it is heard to be seen or to see clearly. This is taken from Astromarkt:
Your illusions will be in the spotlights and so are your secrets. If you have Sun-Neptune in your natal chart, this moment in time might shed a light over the other side of you, the private life or the secret life (an affair, your nick name). 

When the progressed Sun is in a hard aspect with Neptune, you may experience a period of isolation (and inspiration, if you are an artist) or you may ‘get lost’, ‘disappear’ (in the eyes of the public) or experience gossip and slaunder. Most of the time the person involved was mistaken, hiding something vital or debilitated and and easy victim. 

The more harmonious aspects of Sun and Neptune make it easy for you to dream on or relax. Don’t expect this to be a fortunate aspect, always. Sometimes this aspect releases you from your identity as an individual and turns you into ‘one of the guys’, like in prison or you may have enough time available for fantasies and dreaming because you no longer have a job. Progressed Sun trine or sextile Neptune only makes it easy to hide away from reality, society or life as it it. When you are an author or an actor, this aspect helps you to empathize with the characters in your book or play. And sometimes with this aspect romance really comes into your life and if you are lucky, it won’t go away again. 

A hard progressed aspect tells you that your dreams are not easily to be realized. A soft progressed aspect makes your dreams come true, but you have to be careful what you dream about. Because somewhere in the closet might be a hidden nightmare. That is in particular true when the aspect is an inconjunction. That aspect often refers to health problems. Health problems take you out of society and into isolation and they reveal a weakness.

In the period of his 'friendship' with Mark Gould the progressed Sun of Frank was square Neptune and that seems a perfect description of the aspect: being seen in a negative light, a double-life, a masquerade, fraud and mist around you...etc. Gossip and bad press accompany this aspect…With Sun conjunct Neptune in the natal chart, the effect of the progression was stronger than strong...

On Astromarkt you may also read that 50% of the very old persons had a Sun-Neptune-aspect in the natal chart (see links below). There is no hour of birth, so the chart shows only part of the picture. BTW, Jupiter/Uranus is opposition his natal Sun. This 'helicopter view'  combination is found in the charts of astronauts, astrologers, modern popes and winners of the lotery. I also found it with some frequence in the charts of those who become very old.

Bernhard Frank's natal chart has Pluto rising before the Sun and 'calling' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Pluto is novile Mars (rejoycing to push one's physical resources to their limits and affect others with one's dedication; see
and I think it is also rejoycing the use of influence, power and force).

When Pluto rises before the Sun there is a strong orientation on strategies (politics, knowing the right kind of people - I learned that one from Noel Tyl). Frank knew 'the right guy': Himmler loved him, he says in one of the interviews.
A very tight aspect in his chart is Sun square Orcus (the symbol of the oath). He also has 2 biquintiles:
- Mercury - Jupiter (creative exaggeration of facts; lots of words- he is an author)
- Uranus -Pluto: the revolutionary aspect combination of Sun-Uranus-Pluto is often involved with arrests and other dramatic changes.
(- Sun half semi square (22.5 d) Pluto)

Frank is well known for the arrest of Goering on April 25, 1945, but the SS (and he) didn't follow the next order of Hitler: to execute him. His progressed Sun was square progressed Ceres in that final year of the Second World War.

When he confirmed the order given by Himmler (to prosecute the Jews) his Progressed Sun was square Pholus. That is a life turning point...(July 28, 1941) with the risk of shooting your own foot. Now progressed Pholus is trine natal Sun and that makes it easy shoot your feet again. It is the sign of another turning point in life.

Now that I write this transit Quaoar is inconjunct the natal Sun and trine natal Orcus, effecting the Sun-Orcus square in the natal chart, giving an unbalancing new perspective to broaken oaths and promises. Here is the chart:
chart without hour of birth!


Bernhard Frank published two books (1984 and 2004):


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