Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jeopardy: charts, Prada, Callas, Gies, elevated Uranus?

The answer is: ' Subjects of posts on Astropost on February 15, 2009'. Was that easy? I wish I could give you ' Jennings' or 'Rutter' or 'Watson'  so that you could ask: "Who won Jeopardy on February 16, 2011?". But I can't. I don't have hours or places of birth for the three of them and I don't know at what hour and minute the final moment of the competition is, tomorrow. Also, I keep waking up at about 2:45 a.m. (since the Mars return, but now I FEEL it) and so I take it easy tonight...This post has some links to earlier posts and an alinea about Jeopardy. I will start with the links.

On February 15, 2009 I had a more productive day than today: 4 posts. One about Jaya Prada, politician and Bollywood Actres who was attacked on that day but fortunately not hurt. She was born April 3, 1962 and had transit Jupiter conjunct Saturn in that period and the transit Sun trine progressed Venus. It was, in other words, a good day and there was some help (Jupiter) in hard times.

I also wrote about Aristoteles and Maria Callas, who loved him more than he loved her. 

There was a post about the 100th birthday of Miep Gies, the woman who kept the diary of Anne Frank till after the war. Miep Gies died in 2009.

And last but not least there was a post about Uranus on top (I mean: elevated and square Ascendant) or in aspect with Midheaven. 
That post brings us back to ' transit month February'  because of the mentioned transits of Uranus with Midheaven and Ascendant.

Today's post could have been about Jeopardy only, but I can't make up my mind about who wins:). How could I, without hours of births, hours of the final minute and without the 'natal chart'  of the computer, Watson? And without being able to watch the show!? 
All I can tell you is, that the battle is between two human beings  and a computer. Their names are:

  • Brad Rutter (born on January 31, 1978 and the biggest all-time money winner in Jeopardy) and 
  • Kenneth Jennings (born May  23, 1974 and not only a Jeopardy record winner. He also won the Rookie Divisioin of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournement in 2006)
  • Watson, an artificial brain
The men both have a wider trine between Sun and Pluto and that they share Venus square Uranus. That tells us that they have sense of rhythm and that they love excitement and surprises (Venus-Uranus). They will also find ways to self esteem and authority (and they did, didn't they, with Sun trine Pluto). Because they SHARE these aspects it also tells us that they are able to join forces against a shared enemy. And that they will have fun together! 

When they broke a record a few years ago they had a minor aspect between Jupiter and Sun (see their - progressed - charts) and one of them had a Mars-Uranus trine. On February 16, only one of them has a transit Mars trine Uranus. The other one has transit Jupiter opposition Pluto. And for the rest: only difficult aspects, like Progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed Neptune or transit Pholus conjunct Neptune...I don't know about Watson...:) I heard one of the man say that Watson doesn't have nerves or emotions, like humans do. But he also doesn't have a compact brain. Anyway, may the best 'man' win! Tomorrow we will know the name.

Also visit: Astromarkt.net for example about sharing aspects.... Quotes:

If Sun and Pluto make an aspect in both of your charts living together will not be easy. Two strong wills, two fanatics, both wanting to win and to have the power. If harmonious both will finally win in some way or win and survive together after making a difficult start

Venus-Uranus is for sharing the same love of music, dancing and adventures. Venus-Uranus could be the shared aspect for falling in love for a short period of time.


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