Saturday, February 12, 2011

A movie about Nicholas Culpeper, astrologer

Nicholas Culpepeper was a famous healer and astrologer, a visionary and a rebel. Tony White, an award-winning animator, plans to make a personal movie on the life and works of the British herbalist/astrologer. It would be an interesting movie for everybody interested in the history of astrology. Tony White launched a Kickstarter page to invite individuals to help him get it going with donations. US tax payers will be able to make tax-deductable donations (throught the registered Animaticus Foundation). You can see more here:
He asked me to let you know about the project and I did.

Here is the natal chart of Culpeper. In the time that he was born Chiron had not been discovered, yet, but the symbol of healing is square his Midheaven. Uranus wasn't an official planet yet,but the symbol of controversy AND astrology is semi square the midpoint Sun/Moon.  And how about the semis square between Mercury and Jupiter/Uranus and the  Midheaven with Jupiter and Uranus? I have not seen an astrologer's chart yet without Jupiter-Uranus combinations.  There is more: Pluto is prominently opposition Midheaven and Neptune is the planet of orientation. Neptune and Pluto toghether are the symbols of spirituality.

There is a lot to study: the chart and the interestying and hard life of Nicholas Culpeper, a man who had to live with limitations (Sun opposition Saturn) and who strongly believed in the value of astrology.

The Culpeper-project is here:

For more information about the life of Culpeper:,_Nicholas

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Unknown said...

Do you know why all Culpeper biographies said he was born on october 18, 1616 12:12 pm Ockley UK, and the chart on your article and the chart in Astro Databank has date of birth october 28, 1616

Astromarkt said...

Yes, it is the difference between Julian and Gregorian time!