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Supercentanarians' charts, like Besse Berry Cooper

Even though my grandmother used to say 'Old?!!! The devil is old', some people do get real old. People like Besse Berry Cooper, for example. She is a supercentanarian born August 26 1896. Let's see if the positions on her day of birth correspond with those of the very old persons in my study 'Astrology and Age' on Astropost. Well, they do. Just like the average old person she has more positions in Earth and Air signs than in Fire and Water. Of course there is more...Jupiter rises before her Sun (optimism) and with Saturn inconjunct Pluto she is a real 'die hard' without much balance (a bit too old). Sun inconjunct Ceres refers to the importance of genes and food. The square between Jupiter and Uranus might be important because of angularity, but how can we know without hour of birth?:) not... 

So here is the chart for her day of birth. The positions are valid for everyone born on that day. They didn't all become as old as Mrs. Besse Berry Cooper. That is because there are more factors than a chart.

Charts have their meaning for the character, but genes, circumstances, wars and other dangers are just as important as character is. Positions in a chart (the complete chart with hour of birth of the chart of the day of birth) should be interpreted with the situation and the genes in mind. If you are interested in the charts of centenarians, first read the article on Astromarkt (link below) and then use the label OLD for more examples . 

Here is her picture...
And here is a post about the woman who lived longer than any woman before (and after): Jeanne Calment....
Wiki about Centanarians: The article mentions factors that may contribute to reaching old age. 

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