Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day and Moon in Aquarius and Aries

Today is Groundhog Day. No, it is NOT a sunsign! Aquarius is...and today the new Moon is in Aquarius. Bill Murray (starring role in Groundhog Day) has the Moon in Aquarius, too (and so have I). Maybe that is why Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies.

I mentioned Groundhog Day before, in the Astropost: Couples with the same Moonsign. In that post you find ideas about what you share when your Moon is in the same sign as your friend or partner. Meanwhile I noticed that men with the same moonsign don't seem to get along as well as when the moonsigns are shared by two persons of the opposite sex. I have found a couples of politicians (a PM and a minister) who shared the Moon in Aries but didn't belong to the same party and couldn't work together. Maybe that is because of the nature of the assertive and driven Moon in Aries. The direct approach might just be too much in politics...

Wiki about the Groundhog Day myth (and I do hope that the groundhog didn't see its shadow!:)

The Milky Way (without Groundhog) in Winter:

About Progressed Moonsigns and body care...., see:

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