Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When Obama had the Nobel Prize and tried to stop smoking

Just read that (according to Mrs. Obama) President Obama managed to give up smoking and that is great. I wrote about transit Jupiter on his Ascendant and in the first house in Astropost: Obama, Nobel Prize and smoking (in December 2009) and about my own experience with T Jupiter there (when I quit smoking at age 35). Quote about the smoker in his chart:

I found at least three reasons for addiction (see the link for an explication):

1. Neptune on top, square Sun
2. Moon afflicted by Pluto
3. Mars afflicted by Neptune
I also found a good moment to quit smoking. I noticed that Jupiter was going to pass his Ascendant. That is a fortunate transit...And, guess what happened? He was rewarded the Nobel Prize and he accepted that prize today. Very, very Jupiter (trip abroad, a success, applause!). But, did he give up smoking? I read that he fell back and is still smoking.

Now let's not be depressed about that. When I gave up smoking it was AFTER the passage of Jupiter over the Ascendant, with Jupiter in the first house, because it was AFTER getting good advice about ' how to quit' It is almost time to make up your mind about 2010, isn't it?

It seems that he choose the right moment to try to quit.

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