Thursday, February 10, 2011

Transits and an arrest or conviction

A ' transit' is a planet or asteroid or the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven passing bye. When a transitting object is making a (tight) aspect with a natal or progressed position, something might happen (and it might be in line with the nature of the aspect combination). I say ' might' because it takes at least 3 transits or progressions for a big event and some of the transits just move on without being noticed. A recent example is the chart of the day of birth of the Indonesian pop artist Nazril Ariel Izram. He was convicted for pornography and has to spend the next 2 or 3 years in prison. That is the sort of event that needs more transits (and progressions!) at the same time:

Progressed Sun inconjunct Chiron
Progressed Orcus square progressed Venus 
Saturn semi square Uranus in the progressed chart (Saturn-Uranus is the theme of restricted freedom)
Sun sextile Neptune in the progressed chart (Neptune is for isolation and idols)

Transit Quaoar conjunct progressed Neptune 
Transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Node (negative influence of a community)
Transit Quaoar square Sun (forced upon new perspectives)
Transit Pluto square Mercury (mental stress)
Transit Mars 75 Uranus  (sudden anger)

Even if we stick to the planets and lights, we count more than 3 transits/progressions (5, to be exact). Something unexpected, stressful and negative happens when the life style tends to isolation and there is a risk of limited freeedom. It is clearly not a positive period. The progressions are indicating drawing back and the transits are indicating stress and tension NOW. 

When Roman Polanski was arrested, there were also Mars-Uranus and Sun-Neptune combinations.  See the post about that moment ('Chart, transits and progressions of Roman Polanski), but it is not always so (like with Father Titus who was of course not arrested for a criminal act, but following acts of resistance in war time). Paris Hilton had transit Neptune-Sun when she was arrested. The 'confession' of Patrick Dils was with a Neptune-Sun combination, too.

 In the article about Mars-Uranus on Asromarkt there are more examples of arrested persons.

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