Monday, March 31, 2008

All about Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Aries....

Aries; the fire starter (know that Prodigy song?:)

There are 3 fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Aries is the first.
There are 4 cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) Aries is the first

Aries keywords:
starting, kick-off, self-employed, on your own, fast, energetic, impatient, short activity, restless

Sun in Aries: you demonstrate that you are a Sun in Aries by:
- starting to live on your own a.s.a.p.
- being sportive
- not willing to be bound by a contract
- doing something after work (like do-it-yourself at home)
- having your own company or shop

And because you are that active all the time you might end up burned out. You may want to start a project and leave the ends to someone else. You want to be in front of the troops always. And like to DO before thinking. So accidents might come your way...

Moon in Aries:
whereas the sun in Aries IS active you need to be active. As a mother you like to have a job AND children and your children should be independent a.s.a.p. You are used to having to do things fast and on your own.

Mercury in Aries:
with afflictions you might stammer, you always think and talk as fast as you can. You do not like long-lasting studies and when you study you like to keep it practical (studying sport, physiotherapy etc.) Your attention level is short.

Venus in Aries:
falling in love at first sight every other day? Might be Venus in Aries afflicted. Venus = love and taste. Aries = fast and quick burning. Not a fortunate position for marriage or long-lasting relationships, it is said. But is that so? Look at some examples of Venus in Aries:
princess Máxima (Netherlands), Lolita Flores, George Clooney, Eddy Murphy and eh,..Ratko Mladic, Sam Klepper.

Mars in Aries:
strong position. Mars rules Aries. The planet of the warrior and sportsman in the sign of activity. The fast worker, the real man (Clint Eastwood has this position), the person that cannot stop fitnessing. You are a do-type having this position.

Jupiter in Aries:
the active (Aries) person with a conviction (Jupiter) and the one that practises what he says to believe. Positive thinker!

Saturn in Aries:

the lone ranger, holding on whatever happens. Aries may be fast, but Saturn limits and endures. A long distance runner in every meaning of the word! Einstein had this position.

Ascendant in Aries:
you do it fast and better on your own. You are assertive and might have a prominent nose (just like the animal your sign stands for and like Barbara Streisand and John Lennon:).

MC in Aries:
you want to show you can do it and you are a fighter taking the lead.
(BTW When your progressed MC comes from Pisces into Aries you may drastically change!)

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