Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saturn plays his part...

Admiral William J. Fallon quit the navy, after having critised the policy of president Bush. He was Commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command in the Middle East. In his birth chart there is an opposition between Sun and Saturn. That opposition was activated recently in progression. With Sun-Saturn in the chart it is to be expected that some time in life there will be a retreat or a step back. Another effect is that the poverty, relationship with parents, mistakes and failures of this person will one day be highlighted.

Saturn (the planet of farewell and goodbye) was semi square the Northern Node (symbol of groups and communities) today, but this step can also be seen in the light of his progressed Sun. As his hour of birth is unknown, we know little about specific timing in his chart. But we see the Progressed Sun at about the 13th degree of Pisces. A few years ago the Progressed Sun was square Uranus. Less than 18 months ago the progressed Sun was opposition progressed Saturn. The importance of that progressive aspect is indicated in the birth chart, where the Sun is also opposition Saturn! And there is right now or coming up within a year, the progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed Pluto.
These are heavy and difficult progressions, indicating conflicts with authorities (Pluto and Saturn) and rebellion (Uranus).

The birth chart of Fallon (30th December 1944, East Orange) shows a man who is a military man, a soldier, in the first place (Mars is rising just before the Sun). The Moon in Cancer (for patriatic feelings) is calling! The Moon does not make major aspects in sign. That shows the importance of caring, involvement and sentiments, but also the importance of the country he was born in. And the risk of being biased sometimes...
The Sun is afflicted by both Saturn and Neptune. Sun-Saturn aspects in leadership has a risk. The nativity might want to do things on his own (see the chart of Chávez). The Sun-Neptune square points at idealism. The disadvantages (Saturn) of idealism and ideology or belief (Neptune) is apparent (Sun) in his life. It might be that the relationship with the father was frustrated in his early years (but do we know?). We also notice the Sun inconjunct Pluto for the unbalance between him and authority or ...politics (Pluto) and for being fanatic or driven in his own disadvantage.

Mars is square Jupiter and sesqui square Pluto for a succesful and ambitious combination. It says that he has more energy than others have. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto is a good sign for a military man. If he uses violence (Mars-Pluto) it will be right or justified (Jupiter).

Mercury is conjunct Mars and square Jupiter and sesqui square Pluto. Here we see intelligence added and communication skills.

So what we see (without HOB) is the chart of an ambitious man who is an entrepeneur or soldier in the first place and who has been confronted with a mistake he made and took responsibility for that. Saturn at work...

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