Monday, March 31, 2008

All about the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Gemini

GEMINI, dual or split?
There are 3 air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). So Gemini is the first arising.

There are 4 movable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius). So Gemini is the first movable sign.

Gemini keywords: communicating and interacting (talking, writing, phoning), learning and passing through the knowledge, instructions, dualism, more than 1

Sun in Gemini:
You demonstrate to have your Sun in Gemini by:
Having a lot of acquaintances
Knowing the news first
Always hanging on the phone
Loving to get around and be around
Staying young at heart always
Flexibility with the facts
Being able to do 2 things at a time
You do not seem to have patience with ‘nitwits’ but sometimes you act as a know-it-all and do not stick to all the facts…When times are hard of when afflicted you do not stop talking (about others too) and you twist and turn around the facts wherever the winds blows.

Brooke Shields has 4 planets in Gemini plus MC, as an example!

Moon in Gemini
Sometimes people do not get you, as you seem to have two faces. You are the kind of woman that cooks while watching television and nursing a child at the same time, no problem, but you prefer going out shopping. That is because you want to follow the trends and look young and modern.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is strong in Gemini, so communicating is your force. Whit bad aspects or in times of trouble you may have a split tongue, but in general you know a lot, your nice talking to and you gesticulate a lot.

Venus in Gemini
You just love talking and sometimes you are a flirt. It is said Venus in Gemini produces more than 1 marriage or long-lasting relationship and sometimes you have two lovers at the same time, being unable to make a choice. In general you love shopping, making short travels and be on the move. Venus in Gemini often loves dancing!

Mars in Gemini
You can do two things at the same time or have two jobs at the same time or be equally active in two places at the same time, like magic. In a debate you are very sharp and bright and your words might hurt. When afflicted you produces rows (verbal, of course). You are technically handy.

Jupiter in Gemini
Two convictions? Or non at all. Jupiter in Gemini loves to know a lot of people and learn through coaching and training. Maybe you are a member of Scientology? Or (badly afflicted) you are a convinced non-believer. You believe in progressing knowledge. And whatever you believe, you do not take it that seriously.

Examples? John Travolta and Brooke Shields…recently been ‘attacked’ by a Scientology man: Tom Cruise (who BTW has Jupiter in Pisces); n

Saturn in Gemini
You mistrust communication but you can concentrate on two things at the same time like nobody can.

An example: Dutch Princes Margarita (daughter of princess Irene, sister of the queen) who was convinced there was a microphone hidden when she was being interviewed and the queen did it. Later it appeared to have been an nail. She is now back in the arms of the royal family again…

Ascendant Gemini
Looking forever young, swiftly talking, having the appearance of someone without problems of any kind, curious and busy.

MC Gemini:
With this MC your goal sometimes seems to wrong-foot the audience/public. Your image might have two sides. And you can have two careers that may have a link, for example as a director and an actor.

Examples: John Cleese, Michael Palin

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