Monday, March 31, 2008

All about the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Cancer

There are 3 water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is the first water sign.

There are 4 cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cancer is the second cardinal sign.

(initializing emotions)

Cancers’ ruler is the Moon. The moon is a periodically changing image in the sky. Maybe that is why Cancer is being influenced - by circumstances - more than other signs are. The astrologer Ram once said Cancer is the sign of 'sucking up emotions'. Like a sponge.

Cancer keywords: bias, dramatising - acting - , to care, to collect, to nurse, keeping emotions alive. Family, background, and the basic needs (food f.ex.) belong to the sign of Cancer.

You show the world you have a Sun in Cancer by:
- taking care of family members

- wanting the support of a family or group (f.ex. having your holidays with all of the grown up children)

- do efforts to keep history alive (f.ex. guarding the family photo album)

- being active in the environmental field

- honouring family traditions

- being a nationalist or supporter

- seeing your home as your castle

- adapting to your role or part in the play

- sometimes being bad humoured and complaining

- wanting to keep things simple

When a Cancer is not able to show feelings health could cause problems. The stomach is in trouble when emotions arise.

Both princess Diana and Camilla had/have Sun in Cancer.

Moon in Cancer (a very strong moon!):
You respond emotionally to your environment and close ones and have a special bound with family/mother. An attic full of photo's, a soul full of memories...When in trouble or afflicted you really think your intimates are the best, whatever they do is right and you support them all the way. This strong moon is at best when emotions are involved. But charity begins at home.

in Cancer
You are a traditional thinker. You can bring your messages with a certain amount of drama. Your memory should be good with Mercury. in Cancer. You tend to say something 'feels good' when you mean you think it is o.k.

Venus in Cancer
Sentimental love! You are the sort of person for the Dutch TV serie 'Memories' where people of old age search for lovers of the past. You just keep searching for reviving that first memory of love! Sometimes with Venus in Cancer you marry a person you know from the past. Venus in Cancer has a little more chance of more than one relationship in life.

in Cancer
You do things based on experiences or out of memory. This is not a strong position for Mars, acting emotionally. When emotions are involved you can get angry. Your stomach might get irritated, you may eat to fast, you can quarrel at home...But at best you are the man about the house. Nostradamus and Shakespeare.

in Cancer
Traditional belief or a conviction 'from home'. You have faith in traditions and family support and you just love cooking (and eating:). Simple things make you happy! Good position for a doctor or a vicar making house calls.

in Cancer
A weak position of Cancer. The emotions are being limited and restricted and there is a tendency to be way too economic. There may be little support of the family or you just feel that your family is not supportive enough. There is little faith in the help of the communion or the family. Well aspected this Saturn is just being vigilant and has a special sense of what things are worth (Taxation)

MoliƩre has this position and a famous story of his is The Miser...George W. Bush has this position too.

Cancer ascendant
You do things with care and emotions. Women with this ascendant look very feminine (f.ex. Dolly Parton, Ursula Andress). Special ability of this ascendant: being a star being absent (getting attention with NOT attending). You might be a little shy.

Cancer MC
You want to take care, show emotions, use your experience. You could do this anywhere: on stage, in the household, in food industrie, in healthcare (psychiatry or psychology). It is important for you to feel '' at home ' wherever you have your career.

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