Sunday, March 30, 2008

as Neptune = astrological for scandall and ...tapes

Max Mosley (London April 13, 1940;FIA, Formula 1 races) has been taped having sex with 5 women dressed as nazi officers and their prisoners. I guess he was not figuring in a movie, because it is news and it is a scandall.

Mosley has an almost perfect conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Aries and Sun is semi square Mars and Venus. A succesful man with a passion and...dreams he should better not realise or fantasies that he would better not reveal (Sun inconjunct Neptune).

The scandall was born on his birthday (as it happens, when WWII was starting). The natal Sun is inconjunct Neptune and so is Jupiter. Transit Neptune is inconjunct his natal Neptune now and that is very telling: a scandall about a tape.

It might be the end of his carreer or maybe this is the final apotheosis, as the progressed Sun is in the final degrees of Gemini. A progressive Sun changing sign is often the sign of a changing life.

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