Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today Hillary Clinton was really under fire. This time it was not just an invented story... and CNN pulled the trigger!

Hillary had obviously lied about a 'dangerous' experience to illustrate her experience in rough times and they simply showed the movie: she had lied. Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in her chart is indicating the strugle between strategic communications and the real facts of life. The combination of Mercury, Pluto (Scorpio) and Saturn is most of the time present in the charts of USA presidents. A strategic mind and maybe being keen in not telling it all or not telling IT at all, is needed to become a top politician.
But I guess it is not a good thing when CNN shows the lies when you are still a candidate.

If she is born at 20 hours Mercury is ruler 1 and if she is born at 8 a.m. Saturn is on top of her chart and Mercury is on the Ascendant. The aspect between Mercury and Saturn is always important enough to maybe become a crucial commuication (Mercury) error (Saturn) in this campaign.

More about the 20hours Hillary chart...

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