Saturday, March 1, 2008


Transit Jupiter square his Progressed Sun and transit Pluto in a 75 degre quindecile...Prince Harry has transits that indicate enormous succes. And he has. The British people are proud of him, now that they found out that he was fighting in Afghanistan for the past 2,5 months.

Prince Harry was born in London, on 15th September 1984 at 16h20 MET with a very prominent ruler of the first house, Saturn. Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven, placed in the 11th equal house of friends and groups and in the 9th Placidus house of foreign countries and travelling. Saturn is not making major aspects in sign. That leads to responsibilities and hierarcy on any possible level. But we might also translate the astrological message like this:

Midheaven conjunct Saturn - Saturn ruler 1, No Aspects =
DESTINY/GOAL in public life goes together with DUTY CALLING

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