Monday, March 31, 2008

All about Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and planets in the sign of Taurus

Taurus, the bully?

There are 3 earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is the first

There are 4 fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, Taurus is the first
(holding on to matter)

Taurus keywords:
materialism, earthly occupations, security, comfort, conservatism, slowing down, artificial products you can touch (like sculptures), holding on and holding to it

Sun in Taurus:
You demonstrate to be a Sun in Taurus by:
- staying loyal to a partner no matter what (like Queen Juliana to her unfaithful husband)
- saving money
- being willing to tie yourself down
- loving luxury and comfort and nice tasting food
- literally working with the hands in the earth
- having cattle
- regarding your money, earnings and possessions as the most valuable in life
- being stubborn and unwilling to move into another direction in life

You like to take your time and be careful always. They cannot easily make you mad, but if they do they see you turn into a wild bully!

Moon in Taurus
The sun in Taurus IS easygoing and you long to be easygoing. So you surround yourself with the more sensual and comfortable things in life and nice objects of art (paintings, sculptures). You are very loyal to family, kids and old friends, One of the nasty things of a moon in Taurus is too think that they have not been treated as they should have been or as they deserve. In which cause they react very emotionally and stubborn. You need matter and material and money in the bank.

Mercury in Taurus :
The patient student, the person who just sticks to the same idea unwilling to change his mind, good memory and the tendency to keep talking about the same subject. Must spare the throat.

Venus in Taurus:
Strong position of Venus, good for arts and true love (or for a marriage that improves your finances). With afflictions: too much 'sugar'. Some examples:
Jacques Brel, George Boy, prince William and princess Diana, Colin Powell, Gary Glitter

Mars in Taurus:
The locomotive worker, starting slowly, but going on till the job is done and way beyond that point:). When mad, it is not easy to forget about it later. Good position for a sculpturer.

Jupiter in Taurus:
The conservative believer, looks naive but manages well, also in finance. Sometimes overeating, esp. the nice things (fat and sugar) and suffering from the results of that. Or wasting the money gained.

Saturn in Taurus:
The solid hard workers can be found with Saturn in Taurus.

Ascendant Taurus:
You appear to be naive, sensual and easygoing (until they make you mad) and sometimes these people have strong (fat) necks. Whatever you do, they do not stop you once you started. But you hate deadlines.

MC Taurus:
You want a life in luxury and money on the bank or a comfortable position, perhaps as an artist and you have that goal in common with Donald Trump, Tina Turner and O.J. Simpson.

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