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Mercury is the planet of communications, transportation and moving. Mercury is also the planet of information, the messenger. Here is some information that I collected about the way Mercury, sometimes, works.

1. Messages
On the 6th January 2007 Stanislav Wielgus was in all newspapers. He was the arch bisshop of Warsawa (Poland), born 23 Arpil 1939 with a Taurus Sun and Moon in Gemini. Saturn oriental and calling: he is a conservative person, hierarchy first and carefull, if not scared. Mercury did not make any aspect in sign as well, so Mercury was calling, too. That is telling us about the importance of communicating and messages in his life (Gemini Moon and Mercury calling!). And that is exactly what he did. In 2007 it became known that he was an informer for the communists in his country at the time. And was rewarded for that (in position).

2. Telling tales
On 20th December 2006 we saw David Irving in the news papers. He was denying the Holocaust and recently released from prison. In February the judge sentenced him for 3 years in prison, even though he eventually admitted that he believed the Holocaust. Too late!
In his chart (March 24, 1938) we see Mercury inconjunct Neptune for being blind for the facts sometimes...

3. For writing and mental illnesses
Maarten Biesheuvel is a Dutch author. In early 2007 he received a prize for his works (about 60.000 euros). Maarten Biesheuvel suffered from depression all of his life and spent lots of time in psychiatric hospitals. His Moon is strong in Cancer and receives hard aspects coming fromt Mars, Saturn and Pluto (indicating a destructive desire). His Mercury is conjunct Uranus and Zero Aries in his birth chart and Aries Point is connected with the midpoints of Sun/Saturn, Sun/Pluto and Sun/Mars. So his mental state was communicated.

4. Miscommunications
2nd November 2006: John Kerry made a bad joke about American soldiers in Iraq with Uranus square progressed Mars. In his birth chart he has Mercury square Neptune (oriental) and that makes it rather easy to say (Mercury) the wrong (Neptune) things.

5. Transport
11th October 2006: CORY LIDLE crashed with his private plane. The NY pitcher (22 March 1972 Hollywood) had a good year (Progressed Sun trine Jupiter) and travelled a lot. But transit Neptune semi square Sun might have confused him. In his birth chart we see a.o. Mercury opposition Uranus and semi square Saturn for a blocked motorised transport.

6. Rapping
Lange Frans (Tall Fransis) is a Dutch rapper. Rappers usually talk quickly and swiftly. That is just asking for Mecury rising and calling and that is what Lange Frans got. He was born on November 12, 1980 with Mercury making no aspects at all and rising before the Sun. That is a statement for a call for being a messager. Besides he has Sun conjunct Uranus for wanting to change the world or being a rebel. And that helps with rapp.

7. Names
Freddy Mercury was born with Mercury on the Ascendant. Just check it below. Ascendant symbolises 'representing one self'. An artist's name is for representing yourself . And Mercury in this case is Freddie.

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