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Mars and Pluto; Saturn and Uranus...
The two combinations together appear in the charts of Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch. It means that the themes of limited freedom and use/abuse of violence could be important issues in their lives.

JOSEF FRITZL, the man who abused and incarcelated his daughter in Austria, was born 9th April 1935. I look at his chart, at her chart and at the interactions, progressions and transits to see if there is any astrological clue. I don't have the hours of birth. Still I think the positions on the days of birth explain a lot, even more when you add the circumstances (the available cellar, for example).

On that day the Sun is in the 19th degree of Aries, opposition Mars and square Pluto. If not used in sports or enterprise, these aspects might point at fanatic agression. The combination of Sun with Mars and Pluto might lead to use and abuse of power. In this case, it did! And the victim also had a Mars-Pluto combination in her chart (Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto) with Mars biquintile Pluto.

He could do what he did because:
- there is a biquintile between Sun and Neptune for a creative fantasy. Sometimes this means: a creative (biquintile) secret (Neptune) life (Sun)
- Neptune is calling (not making major aspects in sign) in his chart for a fantasy at any possible level...
- Mercury is prominent conjunct Zero Aries and square Moon. That is good for not telling people what you really feel and a struggle between need and mind.
- Venus opposition Jupiter and sextile Pluto. It is a succesful combination in arts and skills...and with women. You cannot imagine, but possibly (and the media say his neighbours confirm it) with this combination you are dearly loved...

The prominence of both Mercury and Neptune mixes communications with lies and fantasies.

Whitout an hour of birth there is not much more to add to this, except...that his progressed Sun is in the final degree of Gemini, about to change sign (or maybe already changed). The changing progressed sunsign tells us about a changing lifestyle. In progression there is a conjunction of Sun and Mercury. Transits right now show an arrest (Pluto-Uranus trine) and a relief (Jupiter-Uranus tirne) at the same time.

The abuse of Elisabeth started at age 11. At that time his progressed Sun was changing sign to Gemini and sesquisquare Mars. As the Sun, Mars and Pluto are connected in his birht chart, this was the moment the abuse (Mars-Pluto) started. The progressed Sun lighted the fire...

On 24th August 1984, when he locked his daugher in his cellar, transit Mars was sesquisquare his Sun and Pluto opposition Uranus (the arrest aspect). The progressed Sun square Saturn, Saturn opposition progressed Saturn...
It is evident that in that year his life (in his eyes!) became harder and his responsibilities and guilt (Saturn) were highlighted (Sun).

Elisabeth Fritzl had a life until she was 11. Then her progressed sunsign slightly changed. Her father started abusing her. We see Mars (recently changed sign!) sesquisquare Pluto in her progressed chart. In her birth chart Mars is biquintile Pluto. So the progressed Mars activated the natal construction.

Of course her date of birth (April 8, 1966) cannot show us the hell she lived in. There must have been some crucial placements in her chart for the specific moment that she was born. In combination with the circumstances (a very strong and potent Mars-Pluto father with technical skills, a cellar available and a mother who did not ask too many questions...) these lead to an unbelievable life.

I believe that she has Moon conjunct Neptune near the MC in Scorpio, because that would bring Vulcanus and Northern Node conjunct the IC for domestic (IC) family related (NNode) violence (Vulcanus) and the isolation (Neptune) of a woman (Maan). It would also explain the number of children, because Jupiter would be in the fifth. And Uranus conjunct Pluto, the closest aspect!, in the eight house of life and death, sex and power. Uranus-Pluto is the aspect for rapid changes and revolutions (like f.ex. in case of arrests).

With or without hour of birth, Elisabeth Fritzl also has a Mars-Pluto connection for use and abuse of violence in her chart as her father has. That is not strange, in fact it is common in the charts of victims and criminals. Read my article about Mars-Pluto!. She has Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto. But she also has Sun inconjunct Uranus. Mars-Uranus-Pluto is the combination for action on impulse, for resistance (Uranus) against violation (Mars-Pluto) in some cases. Her father started abusing her at age 11. We see Mars (that recently had changed sign!) sesquisquare Pluto in her progressed chart, activating the Mars biquintile Pluto in her birth chart.

Elisabeth has Sun inconjunct Uranus and conjunct Mars, with Venus in a 165 degree quindecile with Uranus. There is also a semi sextile between Mars and Saturn. It means that she has all of the four indications for not getting married or for divorce in her birth chart. Independance (Uranus) and being on your own (Mars) might be important for her. And it is THAT aspect of life that was taken away from her. This construction in her chart also explains why her mother believed that she had suddenly left. I guess she sort of revolted at the time.

Saturn and Uranus: theme of limiting freedom...This combination is connected by Mars. Mars is semi sextile Saturn and biquintile Uranus. On the 8th April 1966 there were combinations for the possiblity of danger (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) and matters of limited freedom (Mars-Saturn-Uranus) as a blueprint in the chart. And later circumstances, transits and progressions added their influences to create this faith.

But what else is the connection between the charts of father and daughter (with or without HOB)?

His Venus is opposition her Moon and Neptune. He is attracted to her. His Jupiter is conjunct her Neptune: she may have believed him., he benefits from her weaknesses. His Pluto is trine her Saturn, for endurance? Her Moon is conjunct his Jupiter and that is strange, because it says that he supported her and cared for her (and in a way he did). Their Suns are conjunct as they are born almost on the same day. In this case their lifes were closely bound together. Also notice NNode trine NNode (being related).

When the abuse started in 1977, her Mars had progressed to conjunct his Uranus. In his chart Mars is quindecile Uranus (165 degrees). In her chart Mars is biquintile Uranus (144 degrees). As it happens...

There was a similar case in Austria in 2005. It happened to Natascha Kampusch when she was only 10. She was born at 6:45 a.m. in Austria on 17th February 1988 with a prominent Mercury. She is about to have her own talk show. In her chart Saturn and Uranus are connected to Zero Aries. They do not make any major aspect in sign. That shows how important the theme of limited freedom was and still is, in her life. Saturn and Uranus dispose of 60% of her planets, as most are in Aquarius or Capricorn. There are 13 midpoint combinations with Mars and Pluto, connection the limited freedom to use and abuse of violence.

On the day of her abduction (2nd March 1998) transit Pluto was square progressed Sun. That certainly transformed her life! As he has many clues in her chart for intelligence, charm and patience she managed to survice. On the day of her escape, 23 August 2005, transit Sun was trine Saturn and Uranus! A trine is good for an easy way out.

Her abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil, was born 14th May 1962 in Hainburg a.d. Donau. With Moon in Virgo and Venus in Gemini he prefers women young. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus (obsessed with limited freedom). When he committed suicide transit Pluto was inconjunct Sun, Uranus conjunct progressed Jupiter and Venus conjunct Venus. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus. When he kidnapped Natascha transit Uranus was conjunct his Saturn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marga,

Interesting analysis. How did you find Elisabeth's birth data? I've searched all over and couldn't find it - not even on Wiki.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Catherine, it is on Wiki right now!:)

Javier Reinoso said...

Sorry Marga Bervoets, forget progressions and other nonsense:

A Sun opossition Pluto and square Mars, when Pluton do conjunction with Mars and opossite Sun, 1977-1979:


1984 are Pluto opossition Uranus Natal...

The daughter have the sun in same place of the phater, the two have Pluto opossition sun in the beginnig of the

opossition in 1977...

The more clear in the chart of the daughter are the UranusPluto opossition Saturn, in 1984 Pluto begin square to

this 3 planets:



Sorry, but in my opinion only the transits are true, clear and diafane, the big problem of the astrology is the much

theories, is very claer, much much, with the transits - the natal are transits when a person born -...


Javier Reinoso

Author of Zodiac
Pro Astrology Software for Windows

Javier Reinoso said...

Sorry, I write:

A Sun opossition Pluto and square Mars

Is Sun opossition Mars and square Pluto, sorry...

Javier Reinoso said...

Sorry, I write very fast, and the blog not allow edit, well, other thing:

I write:

The more clear in the chart of the daughter are the UranusPluto opossition Saturn, in 1984 Pluto begin square to this 3 planets

Is Uranus, Uranus square the big and karmic opposition UranusPluto-Saturn...

Pluto square the opossition in 2003-2005 aprox, this years due to be horrible for her...

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your comment, Javier. Of course transits are important, too. Mostly when they indicate an exact moment in time.

You mention however transit Pluto opposition the natal Suns in 1977. As they are born on 8th and 9th April their Sun is in the 19th degree of Aries.
Pluto was in the 19th degree of Libra in a period from November 1978 till October 1979. The abuse started when Elisabeth was 11 years old. In november 1978 she was 12,5 years old.

If you skip progressions you have to take very wide orbs to make things fit. If not you can see it like I said:
' age 11. We see Mars (that recently had changed sign!) sesquisquare Pluto in her progressed chart, activating the Mars biquintile Pluto in her birth chart...'

You are quite correct with transit Pluto opposition the fathers' natal Uranus in 1984. Saturn in is Scorpio then and sextile the daughters'Uranus/Pluto conjunction.

In August 1984, when she was put in the cellar, Saturn was at about 10-11 Scorpio, Uranus at 9.6 Sagittarius and Pluto in the final degree of Libra. NONE of these degrees are connected to one of the (known) positions in the birth charts of father or daughter. As Uranus and Pluto move slowly, their positions in the birth chart are rather correct. That means that the transits did not indicate any change in August at all.

But... Uranus IS opposition the PROGRESSED (secondairy) Sun of the father.

One of the basic ideas of astrology is that the birth chart is more then just transits passing by. That is the reason why we use the moment of birth as a starting point. We also relate the transits to thAt specific moment in time, don't we?

PS you can use 'preview' to change your text:)

Best regards,

Marga Bervoets

Anonymous said...

Hi Marga,

I also have the Uranus Saturn exact conj.
And now I do not feel too good...
10/5/1988, Budapest...


Astromarkt said...

Dear Katelyn, please feel good, because,
first of all: you don't have an exact conjunction, the orb is 1d20m.
Second, 'limited freedom' or 'breaking free' need not happen the same way as in this life (since you don't have Josef Fritzl as a father). Take care,


Anonymous said...

If Elizabeth's natal moon is in the sign of Scorpio, then from what I have read and understand about astrology - that some Scorpio moon people have come through great adversity, abuse, or persecution - would ring disturbingly true in this case in particular. (I have a Scorpio moon myself).

Anonymous said...

Source of birth date April 8, 1966 for Elisabeth:,_Josef