Sunday, April 27, 2008

BIRTH CHART JANET JACKSON: Venus biquintile Neptune for artistic talent

Janet Jackson was awarded Saturday for what she did for equal rights for homosexuals and lesbians, with transit Jupiter trine Mars, a succes combination. Janet, sister of Michael Jackson, was born in Gary, 16th May 1966.

She divorced twiced and once said she doubted if she was suited for marriage. In fact, she is not...
Venus in Aries is one thing (easy come and go of love feelings). Sun conjunct Mars is one of the indications the astrologer Ram found in the charts of divorced women. And we don't know about her HOB.

How can we see her artistic talents without HOB?
Her chart must have Venus or Neptune prominent, on a crucial spot in the chart, but we cannot be sure. However, if she is born in the afternoon or evening Venus is biquintile Neptune and that is a solid indication for creative (biquintile) artistic (Neptune) talents (Venus).

Another thing we know is that this chart lacks placements in airsigns and air is for communications and that points at Mercury (the messenger, by voice, by transport, by writing). Without placements in air signs a person is looking for an exchange of ideas and for social contacts. With the risk that she will communicate at any possible level, anyway, anyhow...

The minor aspects are of great influence in her chart. See Jupiter and Sun connected by a semi quintile (36 degrees), for example, or Jupiter with Venus (80 degrees) or Mars (40 degrees).

And what I find very important is, that her Mars is conjunct Michael Jackson's Mars, so that they might enjoy tight cooperation (and competion!). His Mercury (a.o. symbol of brotherhood and siblings) squares her Northern Node and her Jupiter is trine his Neptune.

Major aspects (Ptolemic aspects) are: conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition. All other aspects are 'minor'. For example: quintile (72 degree), quindecile (15, 75, 105, 165), biquintile (144), quincunx or inconjunction (150 degrees), septile (51,42: seventh part of the circle of 360 degrees), semi square (45) or sesquisquare (135).

I make a difference between major and minor aspects. The major hard aspects are usually more obvious, but the minor aspects add a subtile specification that sometimes turns out to be of the utmost importance. Like the screw that eventually causes the crash. Or the talent that helps you reach your goals. Major so called harmonic aspects make things (good or bad...) more easy.

In this blog I present examples of all of these aspects.

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Unknown said...

i rectified her birth time and the chart i use for her is at 4:12 pm with libra rising 9 degrees