Tuesday, April 8, 2008

They share Venus-Neptune...

To share Venus-Neptune is good for romance. Dreaming away by candle light or music or in the cinema. How long does it last? As long as things are OK. That is my view of partners who both have an aspect between Venus and Neptune in their charts, just like Charles (conjunct) and Camilla (square) have. And right now there is a rumour that things are not going swell...

You can see that in the chart of Camilla who has transit Neptune inconjunct Sun right now. Does that mean that the gossip do not really match reality? Or that her life does not match with her dreams and ideals? Anyway, it should add negativity to her view of life. This is even stronger because progressed Moon is conjunct Neptune as well. That means she does have a nasty period.

Charles however has progressed Venus tighly conjunct Jupiter today and on the 20th of April opposition Uranus. Is that for a revival in marriage or for new 'élan'? Who knows... It seems that he has more pleasure right now than she has. I guess the life in court is not as easy for her as it is for him. Besides, she is not very popular and there is the everlasting obstacle of the idolisation of Diana.

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