Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign Capricorn, Moon, planets, Ascendant and Midheaven in Capricorn

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a cardinal earth sign.

KEYWORDS for Capricorn are: formal, order, duty, concentration, ambition

You show having Sun in Capricorn by:
- reading all the little letters in a contract
- being careful
- working hard
-feeling disturbed by noise
- limiting your expenses as good as you can
Capricorn is the sign of the civil servant and has all the qualities (the good and the bad) of civil service: sticking to the rules, mistrust, slowly climbing up). The good side: doing what should be done. And to provide this sign for being dull: Caps have a special kind of humour.

Nixon and Elvis Presley are representatives of the sun sign Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn
Weak in this sign the moon is limited in showing emotions and might look cool and hard and concentrated on the immediate intimates. It is a hot item for mothers with moon in Cap to keep the house and the children perfectly clean (for whatever 'reason'). Rules are rules in this sign.

Adolf Hitler, Al Gore and Christina Onassis have Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn
Logic thinking and good mental concentration, but with affliction it might be hard to communicate (because of a physical limitation f.ex.) Good position for administration and organisation or for organising administration.

Venus in Capricorn

Discretion and security are important in love life and taking care too! So this one is not easy to be seduced and will prefer to stay alone or marry late in life. Now there are bad examples of this placement: Caroline of Monaco. She does not fit! Or does she? She married an older man...

Mars in Capricorn
The symbol of the hard worker and climber! Mars is well placed in Capricorn as now energy is concentrated.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Good placement for a public figure or authority in any field, like Nixon, Queen Paola of Belgium or astrologer Adrian Duncan.

Saturn in Capricorn

The strongest place for Saturn and for those who want a climb slowly and gain authority, by endurance, like Rembrandt, Rubens and ...Koresh.

Ascendant in Capricorn

You do it cool and conform the rules. Very aware of decorum and ranks. You feel good when you are among authorities or older people and esp. if they do not get emotional., for you don't either. You look young at old age.

Paul Newman and Sean Connery are some of those real cool examples.

MIDHEAVEN or MC in Capricorn
You want a position with responsibility or authority and you seriously go for it.

Until you end up lonely at the top like Rockefeller, Robert Kennedy and Bill Graham

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