Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time out...

Saturn is the symbol of time. In her next solar return we see Uranus on the Ascendant with Sun conjunct Saturn: time for breaking free...

Time out for Cameron Diaz, who recently lost her father while she was already considering to take a long break. Above you see the birth chart according to It is such a good example of my theory of Astro I.D.! Venus, planet of beauty is crucial. This planet is placed on the Ascendant Cancer (one of the most 'female' ascendants:), so we get double femininity. Venus is rising before the Sun, also. This prominent Venus is square Uranus for an exceptional, thrilling beauty!

Notice the golden yod between Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. It is a perfect combination for a positive change and unexpected popularity. And see how the most tight aspect in the chart is working the best: Moon sextile Venus for the beautiful woman.

Lately transit Saturn came over the Sun and made her life harder when she lost her father.

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