Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some explanation

Noel Tyl refers to it as 'peregrination', not making major aspects. He wrote an interesting article about it and refers to it in his 'Vocations' (good book).

As 'peregrination' is a term used in horary, I prefer to use 'calling' (drawing attention). What I call 'calling planets' are planets not making major aspects in sign. I have written about it on my site Astromarkt, in the article'Conspicuous by abscence...', that is also about missing elements.

In short: 'calling' planets manifest themselves at any level, but always intense. A calling Mercury just HAS to communicate and a calling Jupiter just HAS to convince or travel. It is a sort of an urge. People with 'calling' planets should not disregard their influence and try to give the planet a place in the field of the carreer or in their hobbies. Or else, this planet starts 'screaming'!:) And the calling Mercury will never stop talking, the calling Jupiter will be anoying all company with statements and the calling Uranus will be irritating and shocking whenever there is a chance.

I tend to see the 'calling' planet as an indication for a vocation. A calling Sun (like in the charts of John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton and Cher Bono Allman, for example) refers to either leadership or show (being the centre of attention). Or how about the calling Venus and Mars of Monica Lewinsky: the passion and male-female contact in her life caused a lot of noise:)!


RJ said...

Hello, I was wondering what you'd make of a Calling Moon on the Aries Point (Libra)?

Astromarkt said...

Hi RJ, The link in this post has changed to:

In that article on Astromarkt you may read that the 'calling Moon' and in particular a prominent one on Aries Point could manifest like this:
The moon symbolizes needs and care. The Moon without aspects attracks children. Everything related to children (education, care) will be highlighted. The Moon is of importance when you want to keep memories alive, like with historic facts or when you play a certain role on stage, but the Moon is also important for cooks. This calling Moon will shine on habits and daily needs.

The other side of the calling Moon is that what you need is so important, that sometimes you are overruled by your needs. If this Moon rises before the Sun, the person involved will be lead by needs and emotions.

So far the quote.
Moon in Libra is one of the parts of the astrological pattern of artistic talent (see ) and in this position you could have talent for acting (maybe used in sales:).

Kind regards