Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign Libra, Moon and planets, Ascendant and MC in Libra

Libra is an air and cardinal sign ruled by Venus. Air is about communication and interaction! Venus is charm.

Keywords for Libra:
Balance and compromise (and to achieve that: diplomacy and charm)

You are a true Sun in Libra when you:
- are proud of your partner
- give in to keep peace and quiet
- became a middle manager or diplomat
- need company
- want to do everything together with another person
- arbitrage in rows
- make things look better than they are
When you are a Libra you do not want to be alone for long.

You would expect perfect examples of nice and diplomatic Libra's, would you?
But here are some:

- Klaas Bruinsma (Dutch criminal, got shot)
- Truman Capote (famous for a book about murder)
- Winny Mandela (not so kind ex-wife of Nelson)
- president Putin (politicians have a lot of influence of Libra, of course)

Moon in Libra
Moon in Libra just cannot decide. Picture yourself a changing shape on a moving balance and you can understand why not. But those Moons in Libra have a nice attitude and know how to be popular and charming. They just NEED company. Mothers with Moon in Libra might pay special attention to the equal division of candy among their children...

George W. Bush and Sylvester Stallone are some having moon in Libra.

Mercury in Libra

Such a pleasant conversation you can have with them. And such a diplomacy. In studies you are very calculating. You want studies to be fun in the first place.

Venus in Libra

Good position for Venus. A diplomatic charming Venus having good taste in choosing a partner. Those people are representative! But for men sometimes a difficult position. They meet so many beautiful women! Like Bill Clinton. And Sean Connery (first James Bond)

Mars in Libra
A difficult position for a marriage for Mars brings aggression and fights. You DO something when you see someone nice so maybe being loyal might not be easy.

But OK, you CAN work on a relationship and you can WORK together. As long as you and your partner have sport together or join in the job it is OK. Until bad times arise...

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are examples.

Jupiter in Libra
You believe in peace and harmony. If everybody joined you there would be heaven forever. With afflictions you are convinced that all goes well even if you make no special efforts and you might be a little naive.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Madonna and Michael Jackson have this position

Saturn in Libra
A heavyweight hanging in a balance just asks for contra weight or else ends up down. Company and partnership is very important for you and sometimes a burden load. You feel obliged to be loyal and like to make contracts to be sure of the other person (and yourself).

Libra ascendant

You do it charming, diplomatically, nicely and like a team player though behind that kind appearance might be a totally different person. You always do it politely and preferably in a nice and well decorated environment. You are beautiful or at least representative and get a lot of compliments.

Who? John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, James Dean

Libra MC

Your goal is harmony and beauty. Hard working does not really belong to your destiny, you feel. So you will find a balance between work and rest. In your profession diplomacy or beauty is needed.

Princess Diana and Brigitte Bardot had Libra MC in their charts.

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