Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two charts, one experience

A long time ago I wrote 'When one chart is up and the other one is down'. It was about the correlation between the charts of couples sharing experiences such as the wedding day, when children are born or parents die. As the lives of couples are sort of intwined, you may expect to see the reflection of the event or situation in both of the charts (natal or progressed).  Couples almost always have tight connections between their charts. They often experience the same transits, like this happy couple.
Personal examples:
  • My Sun/Moon midpoint is exactly square the Sun of my husband. My AC/MC midpoint, too. And there are more synastry aspects. When his Sun was hit by an opposition of transit Uranus the other day, this transit Uranus also hit my midpoints Sun/Moon and AC/MC.  What happened was an accident with hot water. It happened to him, but Uranus shocked me, too. More on that accident in the next post.  
  • Mid August transit Jupiter was square his Sun, was Jupiter opposition my Sun/Moon. That's when he did that hole-in-1
  • When my sister was dying her progressed Sun was conjunct mine. It made us share transits and brought us closer together.
Such interactions between charts mirror shared moments of crisis or joy.

 Of course you can have the same transits with a stranger, too. You don't know him or her, but if you did, you would empathize and 'feel along'. Charts: they should be seen and read in the light of the situation and the circumstances.

The axis AC-DC connects the houses 1 and 7 (house of partners). Transits may refer to things that happen to your partner and have an effect on you, personally. Jupiter may make you happy for him/her, Neptune may make you sad, Saturn worries etcetera.

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