Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bob Geldof and a lot of Uranus

Today the management of Bob Geldof cancelled performances in small towns in my country because of lack of interest (not enough tickets sold). That is interesting! Look at the chart. Here is a Sun-Uranus aspect working again! Uranus is the symbol of sudden changes, sometimes disturbing, sometimes exciting. The houses involved are 2 and 8 (the money axis).
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Transit Saturn (8 Scorpio) is sesquisquare Progressed Moon (23.6 Pisces) in the second house (worry)
Transit Uranus (ruler 2) is opposition Sun (shock, surprise, incident)
Transit Uranus is also sesquisquare AC/MC midpoint (fundamental changes)
Progressed Sun is inconjunct Uranus (and this aspect will be more and more important; a period of life with unbalancing changes)

The fact that the natal chart is Sun square Uranus, increases the importance of the aspects between Sun and Uranus right now (T Uranus 180 Sun and 135 AC/MC, P Sun 150 Uranus). There is a lot of Uranus and what happens here seems relevant for the house that Uranus rules (the second house, with Aquarius on the cusp). The second house is the house of income and public (V) appearances (of X). The axis 2-8 is the money axis. No show, no income, surprise! 
The other day I reported about a nasty hot water incident with Transit Uranus opposition Sun. No hot water here (I hope), but a public cold shower, working both ways. His fans are not pleased...and find it arrogant.

On the other hand there is the news that Bob Geldof will be granted the Freedom of the City of London prize, but not for the music. It will be granted for what he did, for example for Live Aid, on September 16. It is not the first time that he's being honored. See

Transit Uranus sees to it that your name is being mentioned (in the papers, if you are famous enough): you are news. Bob Geldof is also news because he told the press that next year he will be a rock star in space! That is extra-ordinary, exciting and so: very Uranus! So much more than rocking in Purmerend or Dordrecht! I hope that he left the Uranus warnings safely behind when he goes up.

Just for the record:

Venus (ruler Libra Midheaven) is square Moon and semi square Neptune.  The Moon is novile Midheaven.
That is a complete astrological pattern of artistic talents, like the majority of artist’s charts have (see Art&Astrology).


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