Monday, September 23, 2013

Deciding about Libra

On the first day of Libra, let's talk about Libra...
The Libra problem is that it is difficult to make choices. That is not just a Libra problem. So why is it so difficult to decide, for Libra in particular? It is because Libra is in the middle of the balance, trying to keep everything up in the middle, without too much depression and overwhelming excitement. When you make choices, you may hurt someone's feelings. 

Libra is the sign of balance, they say, but it doesn’t mean that every Libra is in balanced, on the contrary. It is easy to get out of balance, when you are balancing. And that is what Libra does: seeking balance, keeping peace, always trying to avoid fighting, arguing and war. It is the main goal of Libra to keep things nice, fine and in harmony. That doesn’t mean that every person born with Sun in Libra is a peacemaker or no person born under Libra would ever be a soldier.  A sign is not a person and vice versa. When they call you ‘a Libra’ you may have more planets in Scorpio or Virgo than in the sign where your Sun is. You can be any sign and have an important Libra (Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven) that is pointing at beauty, harmony and peace. 

Nevertheless: the Sun is the most important object in the sky. When the Sun is in the astrological sign Libra (which is not the constellation, but a season) astrologers consider you to be an aesthetical man or woman. Let us find some of these aesthetical examples and skip the artists. You can find them on Art&Astrology.

You can find something on this blog on the charts of Libra's like:

2.     Margareth Thatcher (yes, a Libra, with an important Mars: )
3.     Serena Williams (a competitive Libra:

I have blogged about the charts of

But  how about Simon Cowell (born October 7, 1959 in Lambeth, London UK, time unknown)? Earlier this year there was a lot of fuzz about a woman (the wife of his friend) being pregnant.  It seems that he earns more than 50 million pounds/year and that is not surprising with a conjunction of Venus and Pluto rising before a ‘calling’ Sun. That is typical for a star (someone drawing attention) to whom earning money comes in the first place.  With Venus square Jupiter, too, he succeeded in it. It also makes him very successful with the ladies…With so many choices life is hard for a Libra:).

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